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 Hi Everyone!  Saturday and still working in the home office and sorting,filing, and deleting papers, current and also from boxes I pulled out ofstorage.  History of quotes keep me motivated and a belief in myself.  I amreminded of the Audrey Hepburn quote: "Nothing is impossible, the worditself ...
Hi Everyone.  Thursday and weather-wise a perfect day to be doing whatI am doing  --  house cleaning in the Home Office.  It's a big job, I realize,especially after I took  large boxes of papers out of storage.  As some ofyou know, I am one of those OCD's (difficulty throwing things out)  -  a pe...
Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful day and that your week is going splendidly.  Perhaps you may find some inspiration in the following quotes.                                                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                Jane" The h...
Hi Everyone!  It's after 11 pm here in Orlando; I have one last thing to do- cross the street to my very  favorite park and drop off the quotes of the day.Hoping some of you are still at the park.  I enjoyed reading many of yourposts today; thank you for sharing.  It is how I get to know you bett...
Hi Everyone!  The quotes today are Part II of today's 'Intuition Quotes'submitted early today.  Some of you know I am in the midst of  a book I amwriting. At this point it is still an unfulfilled commitment to a 'sacred contract' and weighs a little heavy on my mind.  Currently I am working on th...
Hi Everyone.  Pulled up some quotes on one of my favorite interests  --INTUITION.  Have a great Sunday.                                          Jane                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                   "Intuition is s...
Hi  Everyone!  Saturday afternoons were always special when I was a kid -crossed the street from my house to the park.  Spent lots of good timeswith my friends and have lots of wonderful memories.  Today I will crossthat street and drop off my 'Summer' quotes for my friends.    Wishingeveryone a ...
Hi Everyone!  I am in the mood for a little lite fun;  how about somecatchphrase quotes today?  Hope everyone is having a great day.           Jane                                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " Impossible is for the unwilling."                        ...
Hi  Everyone!  Having a very peaceful Tuesday morning working here fromhome.  Have some soft meditation music playing in the home office and justclicked on one of Roy Kelley's Facebook flowers -  which was soft, velvety andpurple, my favorite color.  Everything is as it should be in my life... a ...
 Hi Everyone!  In reading through some quotes the past few days, Ihave paused and stopped to wonder.  One quote I read left its message:If something is heavy enough to insult the Soul, pay attention. Aristotle wrote "Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way."And t...

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