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Hi Everyone!  Today I have chosen a theme of quotes on/of 'forgiveness.' Yes,I do remember the years where I had a problem with this...As some of youknow I started my studies in Astrology back in the late 60's...I have a strongMars planet in the sign of Scorpio - in the past I had difficulty with...
Hi Everyone!  I have chosen today to honor all Teachers wherever youare with some meaningful quotes.  My daughter, Julie, has been one of thosededicated Teachers for a number of years now at a Christian Kindergartenthrough High School Academy here in the Orlando area.  For one year shetook the po...
Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.  The park looksa little empty today; imagine everyone is having a busy day.              ~Jane                                                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   "The higher my rank, the more humbly I behave.   T...
Hi Everyone!  Thursday Morning and wishing everyone a great day with allthe positive things in life - joy, love, happiness, laughter, fun, success -all thegood things of Life.  I have chosen Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, author of  'If Lifeis a Game, These are the Rules,' as my source for the day.  Sh...
Hi Everyone!  I am still focusing on my goals - determined to succeed andaware that this must be a total commitment on my part.  Going to give myselfa few more quotes to  help strengthen me - I am tired of going back to thestarting line.  Each time I go back, I do go back with additional ammuniti...
Hi  Everyone!  This morning I had brought some Movie quotes to the Sandbox.  The quotes are still in mind and after lunch, I decided to come back to the Sandbox and share a few more I  have in my briefcase. Then I am looking forward to some free time on ActiveRain reading your posts and seeing ju...
Hi  Everyone!  Dropping off some quotes this Tuesday evening at the Sandbox -wishing everyone a great week!  I am working on keeping myself inspired andmotivated so I do not need to keep going back to the starting line on my goals.I did well today.  Maybe there is a quote or two that will help me...
Hi Everyone!  One of my sons was questioning me on a particular goal I haveand have been working on for a while now.  Teasingly we got into the frame ofmind of 'Tomorrow will be a good time to refocus and begin again.'  My sonreplied, "If tomorrow never comes..."  I suggested he write a song with...
Hi Everyone!  Just a quick stop at the Sandbox to drop off a few quotes.Have a wonderful weekend.                                                  ~Jane                                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "A room without books is like a body without a soul.  For bo...
Hi Everyone!  I had a good day and hope you did also.  I finally unraveled aperplexing issue that just would not be solved previously.  Amazingly, it wassolved today when everything just fell in place.  Nice when those thingshappen, right?!?  Maybe I should go out and buy a lottery ticket...     ...

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