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Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday!!  Yesterday I read a great post written byAlexandra, Ron and Alexandra Seigel and reblogged by Barbara Todaro:August 26, 2019 -'On Multitasking and Mindfulness'   It really spoke to meand of course, I went to quotes to play.  Maybe you might find it helpful --I would l...
Hi Everyone!  Just a quick stop to drop off the quotes for Wednesday.Thinking of you and hoping you are having a wonderful day!!       ~Jane                                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "Put all your excuses aside and remember this:  YOU ARE CAPABLE."     ...
Hi Everyone!  Watching the news early this morning, I saw a report thatlongevity is the result of a happy and positive disposition.  It reported thatexperts claim our genes account for about 20%-30% of our longevity andthat 70%-80%depend on our lifestyle.  Of course logically this follows:healthy...
Hi Everyone!  From Orlando and wishing everyone a spectacular week!  Yes,we will work hard and yet, we will manage to stick some laughter and fun intoour week...and because of reminders of  James Dray  -- Smiles,  too.                                                                               ...
Hi  Everyone and a Happy Sunday.  Today's quotes may not apply to everyonein the same way; still I find them special with their individual messages.  Assome of you, my friends, know I have been hoping to at least, write...complete...publish 4 books I have stuck in my head:) I seriously take to he...
Hi Everyone!  Saturday Morning...Such a beautiful day in the park and guessI wouldn't look too proper on the trapeze or monkey bars dressed in my'going-on-showing- appointments' suit.  Have a wonderful day, my friends.Let's make it a magical and fun day!    See ya later.                          ...
Hi Everyone!  Thursday Evening and dropping off some quotes at the Sandbox.  Hope everyone has had a GREAT WEEK.                         ~Jane                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~  "When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn't matterwhether it ...
Hi Everyone!  Taking a little time to come to the sandbox; looking for a littleextra energy for my 'catch-up' Friday.  I still have lots of hours left in the dayto work on my plan and excited, happy about my agenda - challenges -wellthe reasonable ones (haha).  Usually puts me in a happy and posi...
Hi Everyone!  A bit behind schedule; been working on 'keeping all the platesspinning.'   Believe I have enough I am working on and really feeling quitepositive and happy...it's challenging and fun all at the same time.  Going todrop off the quotes now on my way home.  Hope everyone had a greatWed...
Hi Everyone!  Even though I am watching Liberty National PGA Golf onthe side today, I still have the new football season on my mind.  Guess beingborn and raised in Green Bay Packerland, I have been indoctrinated in thesport.  Diffficult not to be as many people living in the Vince Lombardi erakne...

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