advice: Real Estate Lessons from Breaking Bad - 03/27/15 11:45 PM
We binged Breaking Bad a few months ago.
If you haven't seen the show yet, it was a tremendous series featuring science teacher Walter White who, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, decided to take on a less than traditional way to provide for his family in his death. The characters are well developed and the dialogue is incredibly crisp. Everything about the show was, in our opinions, fantastic. 

Breaking Bad also gave us plenty of advice for our real estate business:
Passion is everything. Walter fully committed to his business and became the best of the best. When you're … (8 comments)

advice: "My daughter is having second thoughts!" - 10/11/13 08:08 AM
We got an offer on one of our listings today.
It's the marital home of a very young couple who are divorcing. The home was priced a little higher than market value in order to prevent a short sale - they owe quite a bit on the home - but the offer is solid, below asking price but probably higher than the home will appraise. 
Because it's a divorce situation, I presented the offer to each of the parties individually, explaining the contract and obtaining their signatures. Husband signs, Wife signs. Everyone is happy to be selling the home and taking … (0 comments)

advice: Dear TZ - What happens after the Home Inspection? - 06/01/12 12:51 AM
Dear TZ,
We found the perfect house! It's exactly what we want, and we can afford it. We made an offer and it was accepted! Our lawyer told us to have a home inspection, and the inspection report came back with some problems. The roof is old and needs to be replaced, and some of the plumbing is corroded. What do we do?
Ivana Homenow
Dear Ivana,
First thing you'll want to do is go over the home inspector's report.  Speak to your home inspector if you have questions.   Then you'll want to discuss what your options are with … (1 comments)

advice: Dear TZ - What does amortization mean? - 05/28/12 12:26 AM
Dear TZ,
My brother in law said I can save a ton of money if I amortize my loan on my house. What does that mean, and does it work?
Borrower Bert
Dear Bert,
Very simply put amoritization is the process that the principal amount of your mortgage decreases over the life of your mortgage.  So each payment that your make, a portion is applied towards the interest on the loand and a portion is appliec to reducing your principal.  
So by paying more than the set amount or paying twice a month, you can apply the excess … (1 comments)

advice: Dear TZ - How does the Shadow Inventory affect homes in Union County? - 05/27/12 11:57 PM
Dear TZ,
I want to buy a home in Union County but I keep hearing about something called a shadow inventory. What is it? What does it do to prices in Union County?
Buyer Bob
Dear Bob,
Homes that have been foreclosed that are now bank owned properties.  Much of that inventory is not yet on the market, hence it’s in the shadows.  We measure the amount of inventory in months, meaning that if no new houses come on the market, how long will it take to empty the shadow inventory at the current rate of sales.
New Jersey currently has the greatest shadow … (0 comments)

advice: Dear TZ - I owe more than my home is worth! What should I do? - 03/19/12 08:55 PM
Dear TZ -
When I bought my house five years ago, it cost me $250,000 and I borrowed $210,000. Since then, my wife lost her job so we're having a tough time paying the mortgage. The problem is that we still owe $202,000 but the last realtor that we called said the house is only worth $175,000. What can we do?
- Umberto Underwater
Dear Umberto,
Unfortunately you're not the only one facing this very problem.  It's an issue that many homeowners are dealing with.  The good thing is not only are you not alone, there is are ways to help … (17 comments)

advice: Dear TZ - I'm thinking about buying a house..... - 03/19/12 06:31 AM
Dear TZ,
I've been renting my apartment for a few years and I think it's time for me to buy my first house. What are the first steps for me to take?
Rita Renter
Dear Rita,
What a great question!  You'd be happy to know that I get asked this question a lot!
The first thing you need to do is to find a REALTOR(R) that you're comfortable working with.  You'll want to sit down with them and explain your wants and needs in a home.  Then you'll have to find a mortgage rep (your REALTOR(R) can recommend one) … (1 comments)

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