daylight savings time: It's that time of the fall... - 11/03/16 05:59 AM
This Sunday, November 6th at 2am, you'll need to set your clock back one hour as Daylight Savings Time comes to an end and we resume Standard Time.  So, before going to bed Saturday, remember to set those clocks back an hour (your computers and phones should do so automatically) and enjoy the "extra" hour of sleep that you'll be getting.
Daylight Savings Time was officially adopted in the United States in 1918.  Only 2 states, Indiana and Arizona (except Navajo Nation lands) do not use Daylight Savings Time.  There are several arguments for DST, in particular, energy savings and not having … (11 comments)

daylight savings time: What to do with your extra hour today.... - 10/31/15 01:58 AM
With the end of Daylight Savings Time, we gain an extra hour this weekend. Those of us who are on the roads at 7am will no longer be driving in the dark, but your evening commute is going to be a little rougher. 
Here are some important homeowner biannual tasks you might want to think about this weekend:
Vacuum your dryer vent Change your smoke detector batteries Change HVAC filters Clean range hood filters Inspect fire extinguishers Vacuum refrigerator coils  
What do you like to do with your extra hour?

daylight savings time: It's time to "fall back" - 11/01/14 04:26 AM
It's that time of the year again!  For those of us in the Continental US, except for Arizona* you'll want to set your clock BACK 1 hour before going to bed tonight.
We are currently in Daylight Savings Time and are reverting back to Standard Time  this evening.
The good news is that if you leave your house before 7am, it will be light out!  Even better news, you'll sort of get an extra hour of sleep, if you wake up at your normal "time".  The bad news is that you'll need to manually reset most of the clocks and watches … (8 comments)

daylight savings time: How Did You Spend Your Extra Hour? - 11/03/13 07:43 AM
With the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, we turned our clocks back this morning. And today, November 3rd, was the only day this year with 25 hours. 
So what did you do with your extra hour?
Did you sleep?

Catch up with housework?

Read a good book?

Spend time with loved ones?

Write some blog posts for the 30 in 30 challenge?
We spent it writing a contract. Another home sold by Team Zuhl!

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