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There are several methods for e-mailing documents using Microsoft Publisher and Outlook. Unfortunately none of them is perfect, but all of them have valid uses. Rather than focusing on a single solution, I am going to provide an overview of each solution with advice on when to use it.E-mail as PD...
The L.A. Times published an article on real estate blogging by Ann Brenoff on February 10th.  Here are a few of the highlights:Cragun's advice must have been heeded, since it seems that every agent and their brother now has a blog. And if anecdotal evidence is to be believed -- nobody actually tr...
There is an old saying that Rock 'n Roll will never die. Some people still believe it, even though today's versions of rock 'n roll are dramatically different from the music of Elvis and the Beatles. I still remember the day legendary bay area radio station KOME switched from the dated hard rock ...
It's February 1st, time to tear the top page off the paper calendar the title company gave you last October (fifteen months!), fold it carefully, and file it away in case you need any of the numbers scribbled in the margins.Did you develop a business plan for 2008? Did you business plan include u...
Once upon a time, an agent told me about a seminar where agents were encouraged to stand up, punch their fists in the air, and yell "Highest Possible Price" repeatedly, like a mantra.  This phrase was said to be the key to "winning the listing."  Being new to the business, I asked if this constit...

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