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Moving Fort Wayne, Indiana I'm a professional, full-time Realtor, professionally serving family and friends in Fort Wayne, IN. I put clients first and do business by referral by providing outstanding value and attention to my CURRENT clients rather than spending my time and energy searching for FUTURE clients. People like it when they are IMPORTANT. And they ARE!



How to Easily Find Your LinkedIn Connections on Twitter When I started up on Twitter I was so green that I spent a whole afternoon searching for my LinkedIn contacts on Twitter.  I had no ideas you could easily find your LinkedIn connections on Twitter. Duh! I'd like to now save you that same tro...
You're going to love me for this one, folks! I can't believe how few have found this little-known, but ridiculously powerful, way to use Facebook! Remember, please, I make these videos to help you grow your business, but I make my living doing mortgage loans in Indiana!    Please consider referri...
Kicking, coercing, cajoling, nudging, pushing, pleading...  For years now I've been attempting to get struggling Realtors and lenders to understand this simple, yet profound, truth: People will not refer you until they know you, like you and trust you.  Period. But I send them a postcard every mo...

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