fha hecm: Reverse Mortgage - Friend or Foe? - 01/11/13 02:03 AM
I've been spending a great deal of time the past few months educating Realtors about the FHA HECM program, primarily as it's reincarnation as a true Purchase Finance tool but also, and this is reflected by the general population and financial professionals alike, on basics of what a reverse mortgage is and how it works.
What has struck me isn't so much how different we all are in the way we manage and grow our knowledge, but how similar we are, from senior homeowners to financial planners to Realtors... an amazing number of us are too comfortable thinking that we "know" about a … (0 comments)

fha hecm: Time to stop the "blame game"... - 02/23/09 12:12 PM
Time to stop the "blame game"...
Accusations have gone ‘round more than twisters in Oklahoma in the Spring time.  With plenty of blame no matter which way one points one thing is certain... we are where we are.  The Stock Market is in the tank, the Real Estate market has gone through far more than the "correction" that experts told us we were dealing with two years ago.  And the Banks... well, true, money has gotten tighter, but the real issue is that lenders got burned with lending to people who they knew going in had higher probabilities of defaulting... and … (0 comments)

fha hecm: The best deal in Reverse Mortgage - 09/12/07 03:54 PM
The best deal in reverse mortgage currently is the monthly FHA HECM.  Recently a handful of lenders have recently pulled this program because they have been having trouble finding investors. 
Due to my relationship with multiple reverse mortgage lenders, and my company's dedication to offering and suggesting the best programs to fit a senior home owners needs.
The monthly FHA HECM offers the best rate, available credit line, tenure payment and cash out possible.
Count on Stay In Home Reverse Mortgage to monitor the reverse mortgage market, and offer complete advice and education to seniors.  
 This program is an excellent fit for all seniors … (3 comments)

fha hecm: Secretary of HUD heralds reverse mortgages for seniors - 07/22/07 02:26 PM
At a public conference on preservation of homeownership hosted last week by Wells Fargo's Home Mortgage division, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson message that reverse mortgages are playing a key role helping senior home owners keep their homes, and that he personally recommended the program to his elder siblings. A large number of seniors can no longer rely solely on pensions, Social Security, and 401(k) plans to fund everyday expenses, said Secretary Jackson, which makes the ability to access their home equity with a reverse mortgage critical to help seniors with homeownership. 81 year old Helen Burn of … (0 comments)

fha hecm: Reverse Mortgages and Long Term Care Insurance - A Great Retirement Strategy - 07/02/07 06:35 AM
by Ted Butler
Many seniors today are choosing to take advantage of Long Term Care insurance and make the decision ahead of time to deal with the reality of aging - at home. One of the prime tenents of LTC Insurance is to give policy holders the option to receive care in the comfort and privacy of their own home - and Reverse Mortgages are become one of the most popular ways to fund the cost of this insurance.
Reverse Mortgages, whether they are the FHA HECM or the lender guaranteed Cash Account Reverse mortgages are specially designed for todays higher value/balance homes, … (2 comments)

fha hecm: REVERSE MORTGAGES DO HELP many older Seniors across The United States achieve better financial security - 06/26/07 06:25 PM
REVERSE MORTGAGES DO HELP many older Seniors across The United States achieve better financial security Everyone wants to enjoy their retirement years. Imagine if your parents have the income they need to remain living comfortable in their home, and at the same time makenecessary  repairs, afford quality home healthcare or even travel with family or friends. Last year, nearly 100,000 senior homeowners have done that thanks to the FHA HECM, a unique financial product that can give older folks, aged 62 and over, the freedom and peace of mind to completely enjoy their retirement. 
Your folks have been putting money … (1 comments)

fha hecm: HELP YOUR PARENTS have financial independence in retirement - 06/26/07 06:23 PM
Americans are living longer, healthier lives.  Reaching retirement age no longer necessarily means growing weak and ill.  Financial security can be a large part of the solution that can help ensure a higher quality of life for our parents and for us. A FHA HECM reverse mortgage can help your parents live independent in thier golden years, and balance their needs and desires with your own.
Living in their own home is of paramount importance to most senior citizens. For your own peace of mind and for the well-being of your parents, it’s important to plan for the future by … (1 comments)

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