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I am in the process of creating a "Tell All" website that spells out what I think about the real estate industry. This is a very important site because it reveals some serious fundamental flaws with real estate firms, agents and online marketing..... A subject I take very seriously.... Take note ...
OKAY HEADS UP !!   This Press Release Goes Live Tomorrow - But You Can Read It Here First... As many of you know I am taking my SEO work to the top real estate firms in Manhattan this summer. We are celebrating our online victories in the following industries:* Green buildings and commercial prop...
LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE REAL ESTATE SEMINAR WEEKEND I was lucky enough to sit with some investor people over the weekend in Metro Detroit. The subject came up of how to find investors for your real estate business. When it came to finding partners and people you could go into business with you c...
Keywords are a BIG deal. Yes, we all know that. But recently, I stumbled across something mind blowing. It turns out there are a whole list of keywords that are relevant to blog posts -- that don't necessarily appeal to typical web pages. These are ranked differently. And yet, if you follow this ...
What does it take to get your real estate websites on Yahoo, Google and BING? FInd out here with Ted Cantu 248-631-9211 Detroit, Michigan
This is part of a podcast series - that is dedicated to SEO and real estate professionals. There are tips in here on how to rank high on the first page of Google, BING and Yahoo. Take lots of notes... We have other episodes coming out .......... I can be found at: http://www.1searchenginenewyork...
....Welcome Back ... Yeesshh... So Much To Say On This Topic As an ex art director from advertising and web communications in Manhattan I must say that I have always been fascinated with the place.... Working in a big city is always interesting because of all the different dynamics that come into...
Here is something real quick. I know its late... I should be sleeping !!! If you guys are doing any kind of GREEN selling, green plumbing, green electrical, anything at all and you want to write about it in press releases or classified ads then you should know about blogging. There are some blogs...
THE PROBLEM WITH SOCIAL MEDIA IS THAT IT IS.... A LITTLE TOO SOCIAL !! The other day I picked up another new client. The first thing they asked to was jump into my personal Facebook profile and dig around. I told them no. The reason why was because I pictures of my son on there and my wife and fa...
Okay guys, here is a list I found on the web... that has the BEST Green keywords to use. Make sure you use them in your blog posts, and web page titles... to get great SEO search engine optimization results !!! global warming water earth nature solar energy polar bears recycling pollution green s...

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