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I am continually stunned at what people type in to find real estate properties. Last month, I explained that Google now uses a disclaimer on some of its search tools. GOOGLE !!!For crying out loud....  this whole thing has gotten way out of control. So now, we don't know for a fact that these key...
WHAT A WEEKEND  !!! GLAD ITS OVER !!I have had the WORST weekend in recent memory. Time has slipped through my fingers. I have let some experts in my immediate circle call all the shots.... I admit. I was curious. I wanted to step back and let them take over and show me how to do business... and ...
Programmers are expensive. You may not want to use them. I understand that... BUT... at least make sure you put a  contact form on your site so you can capture peoples names and numbers. A lot of people I have coached took their contact forms off of theiw websites. Its only 60 bucks for three mon...
Whats the most you have paid for a good mortgage lead.... Im looking for people who have purchased leads from a lead source. Did they check the applicants credit score for you? Were the leads any good? Anyone have any experience with this?    
Pay per click, blogging, writing articles -- getting traffic -- its all part of the game.Sure its time intensive... But what are your TOP 3 online marketing frustrations? (list more if you got em)
You'd like to think that youre attracting real people looking at your websites and listings. But you would be surprised at how many of those clicks are ... non human bots. This is a common error that many agents right now are making.If  you can ... check your bounce rates... see how long people a...
Ohhh boy. Where should I start. Well, first I'm glad that ReMax announced today that they are offering a new SEO program for their people. I know they need it. BAD. This is a good sign that big brother companies are looking out for their own and are making an effort..... a good effort.... to main...
HOLY CANNOLI... !! I must have been living under a rock, (or been cooped up in my studio too long) I had no idea what took place recently with Stephen Pierce, the Internet Gurus of the 2000's. This guy was the internet darling just a few years ago. He was REALLY BIG when I moved back from New yor...
The tension rises in Metro Detroit -- just about all of my mortgage pals have ran for the hills. Many won't come to their phones. We have 33,000 vacant houses in Detroit. Population has dipped down under 1 million and crime is up.....Whew..... Heard enough? Well it gets better. Even though our ol...
A lot of people do not believe my sites can get ranked so fast.... (in 6 days in some cases)and ranked in a few weeks... and indexed on Google... So here is a sample from the Google SERPS.... check out the bottom when I registered the domain,it was just a few weeks ago..... Real Estate SEO | Sear...

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