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At the most recent count there are 45 Million Real Estate SEO pages out there.... These are professionals who profess they know the ins and outs of Google, and Yahoo and Bing.... and search engine marketing in general. That is pretty impressive. Not too many other industries can boast that many e...
There are two sets of keywords you need to be made aware of....The ones Google pays attention to -- are for the most part valid. Although lately you will notice a disclaimer on their free keyword tools as it pertains to accuracy.....Here is one search we did for .... New York, Luxury Living Envir...
PREVIEW OF PRESS RELEASE - COMING OUT TOMORROW - AUG. 10 - 2010 Chicago, IL – Ted Cantu is no stranger to selling luxury living environments. In the last 10 years the controversial online marketer has been anything but quiet. Since the dot com crash Cantu has been on his feet and innovating const...
A lot of you out there are in pretty good shape.But some of us could use a boost. There is a certain amount of money set aside for entrepreneurs by Obama and that is going to be the topic for this workshop on Sat Aug 7, 2010. Here's the deal, You do not have to be in Michigan to partake in the be...
New site is released for non-techies...... You will want to check that out. Simply type in the keyword phrases you want to rank in. We take over and make sure you get your company on page 1 of Google.... its that simple.... We beat 30 Million sites in 6 days. Imagine ...
Hey guys, real quick. I released a simple 7 page guidebook on SEO and recent trends in the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine world.... Its non-technical as I have promised in the past and its loaded with some really great insight on what ... and what NOT  to do. Here is a sample... 1. DMOZ - R...

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