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2013   Interesting insight on SEO, (search engine optimization) - link baiting, beating the search engines, traffic sources and a whole lot more -- You can use these for your own real estate sites.
  Novi, Michigan - Real Estate Legend Receives Praise.... Mark Zawaideh Earns Prestigious Designation from National Association of Expert Advisors℠ Kinder Reese Real Estate Partners is proud to announce that Mark Zawaideh recently earned the Certified Home Selling Advisor™ designation from the Na...
08/27/2013 CALL US TOLL FREE - 1-888-77-MARKZ1-888-776-2759How Can I Sell My Michigan Home? is This Mark Z ?'m looking to buy a home in Michigan
Fowler,  Michigan – Looking for something uplifting and mood enhancing? How about a $30,000 home makeover from one of Michigan’s top premiere home improvement companies to make this summer one to remember.The East Lansing JR Neely has been Central Michigan’s “GoTo” home remodeling company with a ...
WE HAVE TO BE CAREFUL IN THIS ECONOMYThere are theives among us. Years ago when the recession hit an all time high the worst of the worst contractors would go out into the neighborhoods and prey on unsuspecting people. My mother gave money away literally.... to a window company who took off and r...