chicago luxury living: Twitter Analytics: Your Messages Live On - Troy, MI - 01/05/15 10:41 AM

A few years ago I wasn't really on board with Twitter. I didn't think it was very important. It was early on and there wasn't much of a practical use for it at the time. But that has changed.
I notice that a lot of business owners have abandoned their accounts and this is a mistake. Let me tell you quickly why I like it and how it can help you.
1. Your Tweets Live On - Your tweets will pop up on Google results in about a week. Think as you tweet so your messages pop up in the places that … (0 comments)

chicago luxury living: Use Your Existing Website To Reach Any Audience You Want - 01/04/15 02:08 AM
Now you can position your website in any market you want. We put together a free ebook of some of our best strategies and power plays. You can download it here...
We have real examples of social media web traffic too that is pretty interesting. We didn't pay for this traffic and these are real eyeballs looking at our material. We did this for those who want to sell more luxury condos, condo rentals and luxury home sales.
Happy Reading.

chicago luxury living: Do You Know Anybody Who is Cash Poor In Real Estate? - 08/25/10 03:29 PM
2010 - THE TECHNOLOGY RACE IS ON !!Burning through the summer months can be exciting if you got deals in the pipeline. It can be breathtaking if you know what  you are doing on the web ... controlling the shots is easy to do if you are search engine savvy.But some of us don't know how to pull a simple manuever on the web. Let me tell you about my day really quick. In about 20 minutes I was able to take my knowledge and literally pluck two refi mortgage clients off  the web and sell the leads to a mortgage company..... … (0 comments)

chicago luxury living: Selling Luxury Homes - Rent Chicago: SEO PRIMER - 07/12/10 09:20 AM
THE LUXURY MARKET IS HUGE IN CHICAGO -- SO HOW DO YOU CLIMB ON TOP OF 85,000,000 RESULTS?I had a prospect come in my office a week ago. He wanted to beat the gigantic luxury real estate market in Chicago the other day. I get this a lot. Here was this real estate professional telling me that it was going to be next to impossible to make a dent in this market. He was worried, scared and frustrated. He explained that the Chicago Tribune had some of the top spots, he complained about PPC accounts and sponsored links..... and I agreed … (0 comments)

chicago luxury living: SEO Basics: Change Your Titles - 07/11/10 10:24 AM
Make Sure You Change The Titles On Your Pages To Reflect Your Ad CopyThis should be the first rule of thumb for every real estate group out there. If you want to get noticed on the search engines it is important that you change the titles of your web pages to reflect where you are geographically. This is a huge problem and this is especially true if you are dealing with software templates.For about $60 you can get a good template for your real estate practice at but the problem is they come blank. I see a lot of firms … (2 comments)

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