google adwords: Web Video Now Makes Up 65% Of All Searches - 08/13/18 04:51 PM
The numbers are boucning around but they are usually pointing north of 50%. Most web searches are web video based.  And why do you ask?
Its convenient. Less reading. Web video, when done correctly, can rank quick and get the message across. Plus you can target it to pop up in any city, or market you desire. That is good news for many of you. The flip side of this is of course Google, who can be very fickle, they will only allow so many websites from your real estate office. This is due to many of the agents being placed under … (0 comments)

google adwords: Use Your Existing Website To Reach Any Audience You Want - 01/04/15 02:08 AM
Now you can position your website in any market you want. We put together a free ebook of some of our best strategies and power plays. You can download it here...
We have real examples of social media web traffic too that is pretty interesting. We didn't pay for this traffic and these are real eyeballs looking at our material. We did this for those who want to sell more luxury condos, condo rentals and luxury home sales.
Happy Reading.

google adwords: Google Adwords Is Still Terrible !! - 07/08/14 12:14 PM

I recently got ripped off by Google Adwords... I mean... this time I didn't even see what I got for my money it was just... POOF... gone... I got about... 36 webviews for $50 bucks. I ran a text ad too but cannot see where any of the impressions stats were... that should scare the pants off of you out there.
I know many of you spend a fortune on Adwords.... 
That lead me to create a LOCAL traffic system that pulled in local eyeballs for what I was creating. Getting local eyeballs on your media is absolutely key if you … (1 comments)

google adwords: High Quality Real Estate Web Traffic - Delivered For A Fraction Of A Cent !! - 03/19/12 09:37 AM
Everything about SEO has been covered in books and articles in recent months. But there has not been anything really groundbreaking about search engine optimization for real estate. Some companies sell packages now that offer this type of service built in which is a huge step. This kind of thing did not exist until recently.
Even though keyword driven search engine friendly pages catch the attention of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo there is no guarantee that people are going to come to your pages. This is especially true if there are tons of things in your websites that … (2 comments)

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