luxury real estate: Google's Panda 4.1 Update And Your Website Rankings - 01/13/15 12:54 AM
Google is shaking things up again with Panda 4.1. The big thing here is Google is on the lookout for duplicate content.  Once you are penalized by Google it can be difficult to get your rankings back so you will want to pay close attention.
Heres what to watch out for on your analytics:
Google Analytics
Watch for drops in your organic traffic on Google in the last 6 months Just look at the organic search traffic in your Google analytics reports Single out local traffic only by looking at the following:
(Acquisition -> Channels -> Organic Search -> Primary Dimension -> Source -> Google)  

luxury real estate: Use Your Existing Website To Reach Any Audience You Want - 01/04/15 02:08 AM
Now you can position your website in any market you want. We put together a free ebook of some of our best strategies and power plays. You can download it here...
We have real examples of social media web traffic too that is pretty interesting. We didn't pay for this traffic and these are real eyeballs looking at our material. We did this for those who want to sell more luxury condos, condo rentals and luxury home sales.
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