metro detroit michigan: Has Social Media Failed Us? Or Not? - 03/04/20 11:11 AM
Hey there -- its been a long time since I came on here and writen anything. I have been through this period of inefective meetings and breakfast clubs and insincere communication. I blame myself and from steering away what works. Its amazing to me to see this happen despite all the progress I made on the web when it wasn't really a "thing".
Now that we have social media I see a lot of problems come from companies that are conected yet facing a real disconnection. What I mean by that is many of your top social media sites are that they … (0 comments)

metro detroit michigan: Rebuilding Metro Detroit - Rivait Team - Royal Oak, Michigan - 06/25/11 04:37 AM
Here is how you can make your real estate property really stand out -- MODERNIZE IT. We are on location in a quiet Royal Oak, Michigan neighborhood and we are going to remodel this old home into a hip, modern and liveable showplace.Rivait Team is great at adding square footage onto a house and giving it a new look. Keep in mind that most of the homes in this neighborhood are actually quite old and stuck a bit in time. What we are doing here is enticing young buyers into this area.Royal Oak is part of Metro Detroit and collects a … (1 comments)

metro detroit michigan: SEO Secrets: The Other Top Keywords, (Think Blogs!) - 07/23/10 07:00 AM
Keywords are a BIG deal. Yes, we all know that. But recently, I stumbled across something mind blowing. It turns out there are a whole list of keywords that are relevant to blog posts -- that don't necessarily appeal to typical web pages.
These are ranked differently. And yet, if you follow this practice it is a lot less cumbersome. Some of my top complaints about search engine optimization is the tedius nature of it all. These keywords and blogs actually take some of the frustration out of the game.
Google Keyword List VS The Secret Blog Keyword ListI have found … (0 comments)

metro detroit michigan: Should Real Estate Web Sites/ Blogs Get Political? - 06/21/10 10:58 AM
How many real estate companies out there really consider themselves to be news? I want you to explore this idea for a minute because there is a ton of web traffic that you are missing out on.GOOGLE PR Rank and Real Estate CompaniesBacklinks are a very important thing when it comes to popularity on the web. Google has a PR system, (not press release -- thats different). I am talking about page rank. That number goes from 0 - 10, (Ex: PR1, Pr5, PR10 etc) The higher the PR - the better. This is going to help your company go through … (0 comments)

metro detroit michigan: Credit Repair - and Foreclosure Marketing Online - 06/21/10 09:35 AM
Are you sick of paying PPC bills? Using pay per click is only one way of getting the word out about your business. The web can be a ruthless place -- not to mention expensive.
UPDATES FROM THE EXPERTS.....According the online promoter, Matt Bacak -- 15,000 PPC accounts were revoked from paying members recently with no explanation. There are some speculation why real estate and foreclosure experts are getting the boot from Google....
Its not just foreclosure experts who are getting the boot though. There are many other problems here that need to be looked at a bit closer. The online … (0 comments)

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