new york city luxury real estate: Google+ Can Help Boost Your Real Estate Sites - Hot Metro Finds - 01/19/15 10:07 AM
Here is something I hear quite often when I go out to meetings. "Google+ has never done nothing for me..... do you like it?". The answer is that I like it and for me it goes way beyond the Facebook comparison. To me Google+ is not just a clone of Facebook and it is actually a usefull.
Theres code in your Google+ page that can really help you boost your rankings. You need to insert this into your web pages. Google will like it if you do. You can get access to it in the backend office of each Google+ page. … (4 comments)

new york city luxury real estate: Top Real Estate Investor Keywords: Jan. 14, 2015 - 01/13/15 09:15 PM
Here are the top keywords for real estate investor searches. If you are looking for investors and need to put more direction in your social media and web content here are are some of the top searches.
** These do tend to change from month to month.

what is a real estate investors
what is a real estate investors club
becoming a real estate investor
become a real estate investor with no money
becoming a real estate investor tips
find a real estate investor
real estate investors buy my house
real estate investors club
real estate investors websites
real estate investors network

new york city luxury real estate: Use Your Existing Website To Reach Any Audience You Want - 01/04/15 02:08 AM
Now you can position your website in any market you want. We put together a free ebook of some of our best strategies and power plays. You can download it here...
We have real examples of social media web traffic too that is pretty interesting. We didn't pay for this traffic and these are real eyeballs looking at our material. We did this for those who want to sell more luxury condos, condo rentals and luxury home sales.
Happy Reading.

new york city luxury real estate: Napoleon Hill - THE LAWS OF SUCCESS -- BACK IN PRINT - 09/04/10 05:02 PM
Im going to write about the new re-release of NAPOLEON HILL'S - LAWS OF SUCCESS -- its back in print in its original form -- a first since 1925. There were only 100 original printings of the first edition -- according to legend. But recently there has been a demand to see the entire - original printing. It is now available through late night television.
Listen to what it says about the buyer - seller relationship.....""It is the personalities back of a business which determine the measure of success the business will enjoy. Modify those personalities so they are more pleasing … (4 comments)

new york city luxury real estate: SELLING NEW YORK: TV Show Review - Google Help Us - 07/11/10 07:17 AM
QUESTION: HOW DO YOU SELL A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR APARTMENT ANSWER: WORD OF MOUTH OF COURSE! Bravo Networks has a new show out called, Selling New York, its an interesting show to watch. Its fascinating on many levels. The properties for sale are very expensive. They are in the millions. The spaces they promote are tiny but are in high traffic areas. The thing that struck me as odd was the fact they were selling these properties through word of mouth, luncheons and static websites. Now I am hooked. I am watching how the agents were going to get people into … (0 comments)

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