social media ads: Has Social Media Failed Us? Or Not? - 03/04/20 11:11 AM
Hey there -- its been a long time since I came on here and writen anything. I have been through this period of inefective meetings and breakfast clubs and insincere communication. I blame myself and from steering away what works. Its amazing to me to see this happen despite all the progress I made on the web when it wasn't really a "thing".
Now that we have social media I see a lot of problems come from companies that are conected yet facing a real disconnection. What I mean by that is many of your top social media sites are that they … (0 comments)

social media ads: Facebook Tightens Its Grips On Your Ads - 03/06/15 09:13 PM
We're back after battling a rough winter here in Michigan ----
The latest is Facebook and its over controlling nature regarding your ads. Has anybody noticed that its getting harder and harder to get your ads posted on Facebook these days?  This is directly impacting anyone who deals with a speed like offer such as....
"We Can Sell Your Home In 30 Days"
"You Can Get Your Credit Approved In 48 Hours"  Etc.
Facebook will give you the option to get 6 ads running with any purchase. But they are being very picky on what gets posted on their advertising system. These guys appear to be following … (0 comments)

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