waterford michigan: Ronnie’s Jewelry Expands Cash Loans Program – Highland, Michigan - 06/22/13 09:37 AM
I drove through Woodward Avenue last night... and it's Dream Cruise season once again. The people on the street cheer as you drive by and they are very optimistic. In fact, they are over optimistic... for car fans, this is like Christmas. I also noticed something else and that is a lot of empty commecial real estate. I mean, there is A LOT of empty spaces where proud stores used to stand. Now there are a lot of signs up in the windows looking for new tenants. But there aren't any new businesses moving in.....
A lot … (1 comments)

waterford michigan: Waterford Ronnies Jewelers Offering and Cash Loans For Home Owners - 06/20/13 01:12 AM
Ronnie's Jewelers and Loans is doing something out of the ordinary -- they are offering cash loans to home owners...
They still do traditional jewelry store services too like wedding jewelry, fixing watches and jewelry repair but this cash loan thing has people asking questions. Since the banks are pulling the plug on loans for many people in Oakland County Ronnies Jewelers has stepped up to the plate with an innovative program.
People are able to use their jewelry and precious items for a cash loan instead of just pawning it off. This gives the property owner more flexibility and more … (0 comments)

waterford michigan: Ronnie’s Jewelers Extends Gold Bullion Buying Program To Highland, MI - 04/18/13 01:52 PM
THE NEW YORK TIMES - ran an article this morning about the mortgage assistance program. A lot of these checks are bouncing which is terrible news. You can read about it in todays edition online right here....
Here is a news item about a cash loan program for over extended home owners -- and its from a jewelry store.
Ronnie’s Jewelers Extends Gold Bullion Buying Program To Highland, Michigan
Highland, Michigan - The best time to make those needy home renovations is right now. The spring weather brings cool temperatures and makes for great working conditions. There are … (0 comments)

waterford michigan: Ronnie's Jewelers Cash Loan Program Helps Waterford, Michigan Homes - 03/20/13 10:30 AM
Face it -- its time for a lot of things. Some of us out there have leaky roofs, some of us are going to have flooded basements. Some of us are going to have a bear of a time paying our property taxes.
Ronnies Jewelers and Loans are based in Waterford, Michigan. They are one of the new types of unexpected lenders you are seeing out there. They have a cash loan program and work as a bank for Waterford, Michigan residents who cant go to a traditional bank. These low cost cash … (0 comments)

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