senior care package: Mortgage Broker in Waterford, Michigan Explains "Reverse Mortgages" a Home Refinance Option for Seniors - 09/29/08 05:14 AM
Economic times are especially tough for seniors today.  Many have worked for years expecting a nice pension, just to have the rug pulled out from under them when the company folded or they just cut back on benefits.  Others are forced to continue working well into their 70's and 80's.  Some will never enjoy retirement.  This is a sad situation.  The good news is there is now a solution for those who own a home. 
The reverse mortgage for seniors is a government regulated program that allows seniors who are 62 and older to draw upon the equity in their … (0 comments)

senior care package: Mortgage Broker in Waterford, Michigan Explains "Reverse Mortgages" a Home Refinance Option for Seniors - 09/29/08 05:13 AM
Economic times are especially tough for seniors today.  Many have worked for years expecting a nice pension, just to have the rug pulled out from under them when the company folded or they just cut back on benefits.  Others are forced to continue working well into their 70's and 80's.  Some will never enjoy retirement.  This is a sad situation.  The good news is there is now a solution for those who own a home. 
The reverse mortgage for seniors is a government regulated program that allows seniors who are 62 and older to draw upon the equity in their … (0 comments)

senior care package: "Farmers Insurance Agent" Addresses Finding Quality "Health Insurance" in Waterford, Michigan - 09/24/08 03:59 AM
Everyone should have some form of health insurance or basic medical coverage so they can see a doctor for yearly physicals or when they are ill.  Private health insurance used to be something only the wealthy could afford, but there are companies that can make medical coverage a reality for you.  
Shop Around and Ask Questions 
Medical coverage varies from one company to another with many different plans available to serve your individual needs.  Shop around, ask questions and take notes.  At first, you may not know what to ask.  As you visit with different insurance agents and hear about the … (0 comments)

senior care package: “Conventional Mortgages” “Reverse Mortgages” “Refinance Property” “Senior Care” “Long-Term Care” “Individual Health Care” “Family Health Care” “Group Health Care” “Retirement Plans” “Disability Insurance” Waterf - 09/08/08 03:57 AM
Pillar Financial Corporation offers more than just mortgages. We offer assurance through finance, investment and retirement product-solutions that can help make sure things you expect to happen, will.
Pillar Financial has the unique distinction of being the home of the original Senior Care Package and Family Care Package.
Senior Care Package:
A combined 10 pay LTC and 10 payout reverse mtg. to lock in LTC cost. Lower cost lifetime pay and lifetime coverage Lowest cost LTC term with a Cash account for emergencies Medicare Supplement Plans Group Long Term Care Email: Family Care Package:
Individual Health Care Plans … (0 comments)

senior care package: Medicare Friendly Income Products: Anuities and Financial Security in Retirement - 08/31/08 06:39 AM
Medicare Friendly Income Products
What is an annuity?
Annuity ... from the medieval Latin "Annuitas," meaning "yearly payment." An annuity is an agreement between an individual and an insurance company. An individual pays some amount of money (referred to as a "premium") to an insurance company, which the company later pays back under an agreed-to payment schedule.
One method of receiving income might be a lump sum payment; another might be a guaranteed income to last at least as long as the annuitant lives. Most annuities have a deferral period (the period prior to the time income payments begin). … (0 comments)

senior care package: Senior Health Care: "Medicare Supplement" "Hospital Insurance" "Medical Insurance" - Highland Twp, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:37 AM
Medicare Supplement
Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people over 65 years of age or better, and certain younger people with disabilities or End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure). The program contains 2 parts:
Part A - Hospital Insurance
Part A helps pay for care in hospitals, some skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and some health care. For most people, Part A is premium-free because they paid Medicare taxes while they were working.   Part B - Medical Insurance
Part B helps pay for doctors, outpatient hospital care, and some other medical services that Part A does … (1 comments)

senior care package: Family Health Care Facts about Medicaid: Michigan "Health Care" "Medical Insurance" "Hospital Coverage" - 08/31/08 06:35 AM
About MedicaidThe Medicaid program provides medical benefits to people who are financially needy. This program is not primarily a program for people who are elderly. Rather, it is for people who are poor. It is not available to seniors under the age of 65, unless they are blind or disabled. However, Medicaid eligibility is important to seniors due to gaps in Medicare coverage. For example, as a result of Medicare's limited nursing home coverage, less than 10 percent of nursing home costs in Michigan are paid by the Medicare program. Due to the high cost of nursing home care, many seniors … (0 comments)

senior care package: Things to Consider when Purchasing a Long Term Care "Health Insurance" Policy - Oakland County, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:34 AM
Purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance Policy
Should You Consider Purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance Policy?
Yes, You Should Consider It If:
You have a significant income and / or assets. You wish to help protect your assets and income. You do not want to rely on the Government or others to pay for your care. You do not want to rely on friends or family to provide you care if needed. No, You Should Not If:
You can not afford to pay the policy premiums. You have a limited amount of assets and / or a very small … (0 comments)

senior care package: Financial Planning: "Reverse Mortgages" "Life Insurance" and "Annuities" with "Long-Term Care" Provisions - Wixom, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:32 AM
Your greatest financial risk today and in the foreseeable future is not your hospital or doctor bills, but the very high cost of long term care. Over 40% of all Americans over the age of 65 will spend some time in a nursing home due to a prolonged illness or disability. That's almost one out of two. Will it be you or your spouse? Your risk of needing long term care is probably much greater than you realize.
If you are over 62 years old and have assets to protect, but aren't wealthy enough to comfortably pay for long term care … (0 comments)

senior care package: Clearing up Misconceptions about "Reverse Mortgages" for Seniors in Oakland County, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:31 AM
Reverse Mortgage Misconceptions
1. Reverse Mortgages are only for desperate seniors, or for the "house rich, cash poor." --INCORRECT. The reverse mortgage is an excellent financial planning tool that has been used by homeowners from all walks of life to enhance their retirement years. While some have needed the cash from a reverse mortgage more than others, the growing popularity of this product is evidence of its benefit in a wide array of financial circumstances.
2. Your home must be debt-free to qualify for a reverse mortgage. --INCORRECT. Even seniors with an outstanding first mortgage or some other debt on … (0 comments)

senior care package: Mature Market "Life Insurance": Asset Protection, Whole Life Policies, "Education Funding" for Grandchildren - Huntington Woods, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:29 AM
Mature Market Life Insurance
You've worked hard to provide for your family and to build your nest egg. But what will happen to your assets when you try to pass them on? You may believe your Will takes care of this transition for you, but a large value of your estate may be lost to death taxes and estate settlement expenses.
Illinois Mutual has designed two unique Whole Life policies with the Mature Market in mind - Simplified Issue Whole Life & Single Premium Whole Life - that can assist you in making a tax efficient transfer to your desired … (2 comments)

senior care package: LifeFund - Cash Benefits for Financial Catastrophes, Chronic Illness or "Disability Insurance" and Retirement Planning-Oakland County, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:26 AM
Why LifeFund?
You want to focus on building a long, healthy, successful life. But sometimes you face uncontrollable events that interrupt your plans: heart attacks, strokes, cancer, accidents, even death of your spouse or child. While you can't always prevent these tragedies, LifeFund helps control their effect on your life. More than life insurance, LifeFund is a product series that protects and provides during your most dramatic life events - critical or chronic illness, disability, retirement, and death.
Taking care of your family
If you should die, a death benefit is paid to your beneficiaries. There is also a benefit … (0 comments)

senior care package: Celtic ValueOne Health Plan in Waterford, Michigan, Comprehensive "Major Medical" for ages 6 Months to 64-1/2 Years - 08/31/08 06:23 AM
The Celtic ValueOne Health Plan
Provides economical major medical insurance coverage for individuals ages six months to 641/2 and their families. ValueOne works hard for your clients by controlling costs. Celtic partners with nationwide provider and pharmacy networks to offer quality services at reduce fees.
Comprehensive coverage for entrepreneurs, consultants or those without an employer group plan 70/30 coinsurance with deductibles choices of $2,000, $3,500, $6,000 or $10,000 FREE Rx Discount Card Preferred rates for non-tobacco users Optional Rx Drug Card Additional Benefits:
Simple online application 12 month initial rate guarantee Flexible billing options Prompt claims payment, no claim forms … (0 comments)

senior care package: Understanding "Reverse Mortgages" for Seniors "HECM" FHA and HUD Regulated Refinance Programs for Michigan Seniors - 08/31/08 06:21 AM
Reverse Mortgage Fact Sheet
1. Definition: A reverse mortgage is a unique financial tool that enables homeowners ages 62 and over to tap into their home's equity, receiving either a monthly income, lump sum of cash or a line of credit. There are no income or credit qualifications and there is no repayment until the homeowner permanently leaves the home. The borrower retains full ownership of the property.
2. Qualifications: Applicant(s) must be at least 62 years of age and must own their home free and clear or nearly free and clear - in many cases borrowers use the reverse … (0 comments)

senior care package: Financial Planning for your Future Begins Now - "Whole Life Insurance" Auburn Hills, Michigan - 08/31/08 06:18 AM
Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life is a great solution for young adults just beginning an insurance program and families who need protection while saving for the future. Whole life is the most common type of permanent insurance. The premiums generally remain constant over the life of the policy and must be paid periodically in the amount indicated in the policy. As long as the policy remains in force, it provides protection for your "whole life."
Whole Life provides a guaranteed premium for issue ages of 0 to 75, and a face amount as low as $5,000. Most whole life policies … (0 comments)

senior care package: Financial Flexibility: Universal "Life Insurance" A Policy that Changes as your Life Changes - White Lake, Michigan - 08/30/08 09:35 AM
Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life is an innovative concept in the life insurance industry for your family and business needs. It combines the advantages of low cost term insurance with current market interest rates and the preferred tax treatment of whole life insurance. Universal Life is a type of permanent insurance, which provides lifelong protection. As long as you pay sufficient premiums, the death benefit will be paid.
As your life changes, a universal life policy can change with you. This policy was developed to give you the ultimate in both life insurance and financial flexibility. You can select the … (0 comments)

senior care package: Pillar Financial in Waterford, Michigan offers "Term Life Insurance" and the Family Care Package - 08/30/08 09:29 AM
Term Life Insurance
Term insurance, as the name implies, provides protection for a particular term or length of time and therefore pays a benefit only if you die during the term. Term insurance is the lowest premium life insurance product available, since you are purchasing pure life insurance protection. There is no cash value or savings feature.
Illinois Mutual's Term life policy is specifically designed to meet the needs of today's basic life insurance buyer. It offers flexibility, choice and competitive prices. Each term life plan is guaranteed renewable to age 95 and convertible to a permanent policy through the 20th … (2 comments)

senior care package: Family Financial Planning: Child Guard "Life Insurance" Plan for up to Age 23 - West Bloomfield, Michigan - 08/30/08 09:26 AM
The life of a child brings excitement and wonder into every family. Although you have a healthy child today, it's hard to predict what his or her future will bring. As a parent or grandparent, you have the opportunity to provide protection for your child or grandchild now and guarantee their future insurability, regardless of the road that lies ahead.
Illinois Mutual's ChildGUARD plan is an inexpensive and easy way to begin a lifetime of protection for each of your children or grandchildren from birth to age 18. A one-time premium payment of $250 provides one unit (maximum two units … (2 comments)

senior care package: Family Care Package - Special Financial Program for Family and Individual "Health Care" and "Disability Insurance" - 08/30/08 09:09 AM

Pillar Financial Corporation offers a unique package we call the Family Care Package and includes the following: 
Individual Health Care Plans Group Health Care Family Life Insurance Family Health Care Individual Disability Coverage Group Disability Insurance Group Retirement Plans Family Security Fund
The Illinois Mutual Family Security Fund provides a cash lump sum payment at the time of death of the Insured plus monthly payments over a 20-year period plus a final lump sum payment after the monthly payments end.
The initial death benefit is provided by a term life insurance policy underwritten by Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company.

senior care package: Health Care Options for Seniors and "Reverse Mortgage" Refinancing in Michigan - 08/30/08 08:04 AM
News Release from the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association
May 10, 2001
Contact: Glenn Petherick, Director of Communications,
NRMLA, 202-939-1753
Reposted by Ted Lewicki of Pillar Financial Corporation
Seniors Discover New Health Care Financing Options in Reverse Mortgages
- Free, New Consumer Guide Available -
Washington, DC - Paying for health care has become an important issue for older Americans and their adult children. As medical costs continue to rise for prescription drugs, in-home care, and physical rehabilitation, seniors are having to shoulder a larger share of the financial burden or turn to their children for … (0 comments)


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