auto insurance: The 9 Factors That Are Used to Rate Your Auto Insurance! - 07/17/13 12:00 AM
The 9 Factors That Are Used to Rate Your Auto Insurance!
These 9 factors are used by ALL insurance companies to rate your auto insurance but some weigh each factor differently! Some may use credit as they heavier determination factor, some may use age, some claims and yet some your zip code! And even us insurance agents couldn't tell you which does which, as some companies have 72 "tiers" in their algorithm!
You plug in a date-of-birth it goes into one algorithm, # of claims another, credit keeps going when all factors are submitted. Which is why you should shop … (0 comments)

auto insurance: Easy way to tell if your insurance agent is serving your interests. - 03/20/13 04:13 AM
With all the noise online, on TV, on your car radio, screaming and yell - save 40%, 15 minutes can save you 15%, nobody beats XXXXX insurance - who do you trust? Insurance - particularly car insurance - is being sold on price alone.
Yet, I see every day the errors and mistakes people are making with their auto insurance - in New York State.
Consumer's thinking all insurance coverage is the same, except for price. Let me tell you a quick story : One of our clients parked his car and was walking across the street to his families restaurant. … (1 comments)

auto insurance: “You Too Might Have a Broken Insurance Policy” - 01/02/12 02:51 AM
Williamsville, NY
     You hear the squawking ads on TV, in your car, online – “Save 15%” or “We have the lowest rates” or “Nobody beats A*******” – their sole job is to make a sale, not protect you & your family correctly. They are under pressure to sell, sell, sell; regardless of the coverage’s you may require (they get fired for NOT selling enough).
The Matt Davis Story
    Here is a story of Matt Davis (last name changed to protect our client) of Amherst, who was a homeowner client of our agency. In being proactive … (1 comments)

auto insurance: You have until 12/31/2011 to save money in New York. - 12/13/11 07:09 AM
In my world of insurance, it seems like companies are buying each other up year after year. We knew this day was coming when out west (Seattle) giant, Safeco would be swallowing up a smaller company in Peerless Insurance. While we are not happy about it, due to Peerless great rates and strong record, we understand these things happen.
Peerless Insurance still has great rates and writes all their policies on a Package (one policy for auto, home, umbrella) but that does go away 12/31/2011. Peerless is letting us put in as many new policyholders as we can until 12/31/2011 and … (0 comments)

auto insurance: What does my auto insurance have to do with my home? - 11/12/11 11:55 PM
We have a quick blog post, explaining why you need to protect your home with proper auto insurance.
Be a smart insurance consumer not a do-it-yourself one!

auto insurance: What does minimum auto liability limits have to do with my home? - 06/07/11 03:12 AM
 We just found our 3rd homeowner client in the last 2 weeks, carrying the very basic auto liability limits on their auto insurance policy. In NY State, those minimums are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident and $10,000 of property damage. So let me paint a story for you to get the point.
Let’s say you cause a 3 car accident with no injuries (we’ll keep it simple). So your own damaged vehicle will be covered by your collision coverage on your auto policy. Vehicle #2 has $12,000 of damage and vehicle #3 has $9,000 of damage, totaling $21,000 of losses. … (4 comments)

auto insurance: Do you have an insurance related question I can answer? - 05/03/11 02:52 AM
The part of my work I really enjoy is helping other's, whether they become a client or not. We tell people all the time, stay with the insurance company you are with, you have a great rate and excellent coverage. Maybe change this or change that with the agent but stay with what you got.
Honesty and Integrity are what you will get with us because we believe what goes around, comes around. Helping other's when there is nothing in it for you, helps us be different.
So if I can answer any insurance related questions, I'd be more than happy … (0 comments)

auto insurance: New York - Save 10% Off Auto Insurance for 3 years! - 04/16/11 01:23 AM
No more wasting 6 hours on a beautiful Saturday to take a Defensive Driver Course!
click here
Now take it whenever you want (even in small chunks of time) and save 10% for 3 years off auto insurance! No need to be a Larsen Protection Team client either.
Why not save money today?

auto insurance: New York - Save 10% Off Auto Insurance for 3 years! - 04/12/11 09:48 AM
Defensive Driver Course
No more taking time on a Saturday (6 hours) or two nights of classes! Take this course ONLINE, whenever you want to! One hour here, two hours there, 7 am or 11 pm!
Then get 10% credit for the next 3 years off your auto insurance.
Before it was always a time issue, now the online course removes that obstacle! Everyone should do this!

auto insurance: Third Homeowner in 2 Weeks with Minimum Auto Liability Coverage! - 04/09/11 12:57 AM
Don't they know they are putting their house at risk to leins and judgements if causing an accident? Third time a homeowner client has allowed us to review their auto insurance coverage and we found the bare minimum coverage allowed in NY State - $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident/$10,000 property damage.
How many auto's are on the road worth more than $10,000? Don't you think that other driver won't come after you for the damages you caused in an at-fault accident?
Some consumers shop their auto insurance as if price matters (like those cheap auto insurance companies will have you believe) … (1 comments)

auto insurance: The REAL truth about insurance companies, agents and brokers. - 02/15/11 09:09 AM
  We all get bombarded every day, from TV ads, to radio ads, to the newspaper inserts, to inserts in my utility bills!
                              Save here! We always have the lowest rate! Nobody beats us! Save 15%!
The REAL Truth: Whether we are talking auto insurance or home insurance there are ONLY 3 ways consumers can buy insurance.
1) From a direct writing company (direct to consumer) from their employees using their own rates (Think Cavemen, a gecko or Flo here, they are direct-to-consumer companies), they represent themselves only.
2) From direct writers, agents who's pen only write for one specific … (1 comments)

auto insurance: What if the Times Square Bomber had used YOUR vehicle? - 05/12/10 04:46 AM
You've read the story and seen the video of the attempted bombing in Times square. What a screwball to attempt this in NY City.Let's pretend for a second he stole your car to do this and not used his own. If his attempt had been successful using your car, you would NOT have been responsible for any of the damage done. Your auto insurance policy clearly states anyone using your vehicle WITHOUT permission, you are not responsible for anything that can occur as a result.I will forwarn you a little though - people living in your household are considered "resident relatives", … (3 comments)

auto insurance: Don't get fooled by the "do-it-yourself" insurance ads! - 12/02/09 02:12 AM
There are certain companies out there say "do-it-yourself" or "name your price" insurance is now available!
We guess what, it is available but at reduced protection for you & your family. When the only thing they focus on is price, something has to give and that is protection for you.
I just quoted one of your fellow Realtors, who had this do-it-yourself insurance company and my price was 1/2 the cost of theirs. Plus, I gave him 5X the Protection on his auto insurance policy. From only $50,000 of coverage to $250,000 of auto insurance coverage!
It may be time for … (1 comments)

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