claims: The 9 Factors That Are Used to Rate Your Auto Insurance! - 07/17/13 12:00 AM
The 9 Factors That Are Used to Rate Your Auto Insurance!
These 9 factors are used by ALL insurance companies to rate your auto insurance but some weigh each factor differently! Some may use credit as they heavier determination factor, some may use age, some claims and yet some your zip code! And even us insurance agents couldn't tell you which does which, as some companies have 72 "tiers" in their algorithm!
You plug in a date-of-birth it goes into one algorithm, # of claims another, credit keeps going when all factors are submitted. Which is why you should shop … (0 comments)

claims: What is considered an "Act of God" on a Homeowner policy? - 06/28/13 09:16 PM
What is considered an "Act of God" on my Home Owner Insurance policy? We recently had a client of ours call to say his neighbors tree fell on his fence, car & garage and how does he put a claim in against his neighbor's insurance?
Act of God Wind Damage We had to explain to our client that since nobody was negligent for the tree falling, it is considered an "act of God" due to winds. These high sustained winds have nothing to do with the neighbor's blame for his tree falling. Since it is no one's fault, the insurance property … (0 comments)

claims: How to protect yourself in a homeowner claim. - 06/23/13 09:19 PM
The burden of proof in a homeowner claim is always on the insured - the homeowner. Since that is the case, I am suggesting you take your smartphone and record what you have inside your home. This then becomes your proof at the time of a claim.
No claims adjuster could deny using this for proof. A picture or video is way better than any receipts you may (but probably don't) have. Keeping this proof on your laptop or a thumb drive would be a good idea.
So use your smartphone in a smart way - capture what you own inside … (1 comments)

claims: Who do you take advice from? - 11/15/12 11:51 PM
Lots of small business owner's, self employed people (like Realtors) and real estate investors use professional people for advice.
Have a tax problem? You are calling your CPA or accountant to ask how to handle the situation.
Have a legal problem? I know you know attorney's that will take your call and answer your question (many times with a fee). Your legal issues can be helped by that phone call.
Have a home inspection needed done? Same thing, calling your people of expertise you know to help.
So why when it comes to insurance that people will go online to get … (1 comments)

claims: Kodak Video Challenge - An Act of God! - 01/23/11 11:36 PM
Falling trees and falling limbs, who's claim is it on your damaged property?
This post is written as a submission to the ActiveRain Kodak Video Challenge contest. I have the chance to win the KODAK PLAYTOUCH Pocket Video Camera, great for realtors looking to
create wide angle home tours and real estate marketing videos!"

claims: Property Insurance rates in NY State - 03/11/10 10:50 PM
Most states are like NY State, where they don't sur-charge you (like auto insurance) for a claim. Watch this short video to find out.
Tom Larsen, Larsen Insurance

claims: Property Insurance Rates in New York. - 03/31/09 02:37 AM
 I've had 3 clients in the last week ask the same question - "Will my home/rental property/commercial property rate go up if I have a claim?"
Don't confuse property rates with auto insurance rates! Unlike auto insurance, where your rates can get "sur- charged" based on tickets and accidents, property insurance rates cannot be sur-charged.
Property Insurance rates are "filed" rates with the NY State insurance dept. and are usually based on a per $1,000 of value rate. This "flat" rate must be used for all properties of similar usage.
Meaning, a 1 or 2 family home will be rated similar, … (0 comments)

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