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How does the Waterfront Home Sales in the Knoxville Tennessee Area breakdown according to Lake.   So Far during the last Quarter of 2010, October 1st through present, 24 Waterfront Homes have sold in the Knoxville TN Area.  Also during this time there have been an additional 191 homes on the mark...
What is there to be happy with....  A lot of people might be asking that right now with the Economy still stuck in the mud and the Real Estate market doing it's yearly Holiday hide and seek, for all you Real Estate Agents out there.  But if you really spend some time thinking about it there are s...
Living in the South Vs. Living in the North...   Now I have never lived north of the Mason Dixon Line, but I do have many friends and past clients, from when I was a builder, who migrated south from the upper Mid West and I have heard all about some of the major differences in living there from h...
The real cost of Buying a House.....   We all know the easy components of what makes up the cost of a house, principle and interest.   These can be found easily and are one of the first things that a house buyer figures out when looking for a house.  The other items are not that hard to find and ...

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