austin real estate: 3 Things In Your Home that Are Causing You Stress - 02/24/16 03:10 AM
I was browsing researching ideas for my blog online and stumbled across a great article on the Good House Keeping website talking about things in your home that are causing significant stress. Click on the link to read the full article but here are my 3 favorites:
  3. Your Junk Food
I know, it really sucks, you're stressed out, tired and all you can think of is that something really bad for you would feel really good. And it would, right now, but studies show that junk food and caffeine induce stress so grab the carrot, and a glass of wine. You'll feel better.
  2. Your … (1 comments)

austin real estate: My Realtor said "to neutralize" my house, that means white right? - 02/24/16 02:35 AM

Not necessarily, there are a whole world of neutral colors out there, heck just picking a white could take hours upon hours there are thousands of shades of white. What your Realtor means by neutralizing your home is to make it appealing to the largest number of buyers. But keep in mind that paint colors in particular are affected by the lighting in the room, both in daylight and evening hours and the furnishings and accessories that are in the room. House Beautiful's March 2016 edition is entiled "where will COLOR take you?" and it had a great article "Shift Into Neutral" … (0 comments)

austin real estate: Is Your Dog a Dog House? Yes, that's a good thing... - 02/16/16 06:22 AM

My Best Friend Jack the Dog
Yesterday Donald Urschalitz wrote a post on Active Rain that shared a list of pet foods and treats that were made in China and contained ingredients that may be harmful to your pets. Based on the number of comments and reblogs, we Rainers are big pet lovers but that's no suprise. In their daily update today Realtormag shared the following information, 65% of American Households own pets and 83% of those households consider their pets part of the family. The article stressed that if your home has pet friendly features or has access to a dog park you should … (3 comments)

austin real estate: Title Company Accused of Stealing Funds - What Now? - 02/16/16 06:16 AM
I just read an article in RealtorMag that an owner of a Southlake, TX title company was arrested after she was accused of stealing millions of dollars from an Escrow account. Millennial Title, which has only been in business a year and has multiple offices in the North Dallas area was taken over by the Texas Department of Insurance after an audit showed they didn't have enough funds to meet their bills. 
So what does this mean for you as a consumer? First of all any funds up to $250,000 are insured and the those with more than $250,000 will likely get their money back … (1 comments)

austin real estate: Buyers - 3 Reasons You Should Sign a Representation Agreement - 02/07/16 10:25 PM

Dear Home Buyer,
How was the Superbowl? I'm guessing you saw the Solopro Superbowl Ad and are now thinking about how you can make money buying your own home. Well not to burst your bubble but you know that saying "There's no such thing as a free lunch?" the exception that proves the rule is Buyer's Agency. In a traditional agreement a home seller generously agrees to pay your agent a fee for bringing you the buyer to their home so you get all of the expertise of a professional for free. And why do you need the professional representation of a … (3 comments)

austin real estate: 3 Great Apps for Home Buyers (and 1 Beta Site that is amazing) - 02/06/16 11:13 PM

House hunting is a lot easier today than when I was purchasing my first home. Back in the dark ages of the 1980's and 1990's you had two ways to see properties, attending open houses or working with a Realtor who had hard copy books of the MLS listings in their office. We got an idea of what was for sale by looking at the classifieds in the newspaper or driving around the neighborhood we were interested in and writing down the phone numbers of the Realtors on the yard signs and calling about each property (without a cell phone).
Contrast that … (3 comments)

austin real estate: Should I Repair or Update My Home Before it Goes on the Market? - 02/05/16 11:21 PM
 I found this quiz in an article:  Growing Pains: Should you Add on or Move Out? written by Lankarge/Nahorney for HomeInsight and wanted to share it with you because it helps sellers understand the impact of the condition of their home on the likely sales price of their home. It is also a good tool to determine where your home repair/renovation money should go. 
Rate each item in below with the following score: 1 - needs immediate improvement 2 - Needs replacement in the next few years 3 - Fine for now or 4 - Excellent:
Roof - 1 2 3 4 Heating/cooling system … (2 comments)

austin real estate: 4 MORE THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING THAT HOUSE - 02/03/16 11:49 PM

When we're buying a home there are things we look for, how many bedrooms, lot size, community, school district, etc. but there are some things we totally overlook that can really ruin our enthusiasm for our new home.  Here is my list of things you should consider before making or finalizing your offer:
High Speed Internet Provider
I live in a place with no high speed internet, as do many of my neighbors, I didn't consider the ramifications of this decision until I went through four, yes four different providers for people off the grid, starting with Hughes Net, then Wild Blue, … (0 comments)

austin real estate: Is 2016 A Good Time to Buy or Sell Texas Real Estate? - 01/20/16 11:16 PM

According to James Gaines the Chief Economist for the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University 2016 will be a pretty good year to sell your home but a continuing shortage of inventory could affect your ability to buy a new home. Mr. Gaines goes on to say "Sellers likely will be able to sell quickly and for a good price at least in the first half of the year." He explains that interest rates will continue to go up and that could create a softening of demand later in the year. What does this mean if you're a buyer or … (3 comments)

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