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I found these on the side of a building while I was driving down Concord Blvd. in St. Paul Sunday afternoon.  I have lived in St. Paul forever and have driven down the street many times before but never noticed the vases on the wall of the Mexican grocery store. Naturally I had to go around the b...
I found something on the internet this morning that is going to rock the real estate blogoshere: * Upgrading to TypePad just got easier  One of more popular feature requests lately has been a way to make it easy to upgrade from a Wordpress blog to TypePad. So yesterday afternoon we enhanced the I...
Of all the people that I met in person at Inman Connect Jeff Turner was one of them. I say met in person because we actually met last winter when i offered him a cup of tea and a conversation, all virtual of course. He is just as delightful in person as he is online. There were no surprises when ...
Un-Social Networking By:  Larry Cragun of Real Estate Undressed There is a lot of talk and type about social networking. There are a lot of business models looking to monetize the concept. Cool. What about the un-social networking? Is there a way to monetize that? There must be. Why do I assume s...
Bridge Collapse Thanks to the Active Rain members who knew I was traveling last week and alerted me to the disaster at home.  Much appreciated.  It took a few hours to contact my family as the phone circuits were over loaded. It really is a site to behold and hard to beleive. I had to go see the ...

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