norfolk living: I miss you Gretta... - 09/05/10 02:43 PM

Earlier this year, we lost our beloved Gretta.  She was with us for six year, and she is the first dog that has lived with me for more than a few months.She was so full of love.  She knew no fancy tricks, and only knew what her name, food and out meant.   I used to say that Gretta was useless, but I no longer think so.  She was full of love and she will hold a special place in my hear forever.

norfolk living: Preparing for another storm in Hampton Roads.... Hurricane Earl - 09/01/10 11:40 AM
Preparing for another storm in Hampton Roads.... Hurricane Earl Once again we prepare for another storm.  As the kids are out of school, they are not hoping that it can turn into a missed school day, but sadly, for my daughter who is at the beach with her friends for a week is an early come back from vacation.  Living in Hampton Roads you never know what kind of weather you are going to get.  In the past few years, we have had a couple scares from hurricanes,  tornadoes, drought mostly water related storms.  There was one week where we smelled … (0 comments)

norfolk living: The Stockley Gardens Arts Festival in Nofolk VA - 05/21/10 01:44 AM
                            The Stockley Gardens Arts Festival in Nofolk VA          
The Stockley Gardens Arts Festival in Norfolk Virginia was this past weekend.   I made it early, so the crowds weren't there, and artists were still setting up.  I have been to this festival many times, and I am happy to report that this year there were artists that I had not seen before.  Maybe, because this time I went planning to write a blog I noticed more things than in other years.  They had a schedule full of Entertainment with all kinds of music ... Acoustic, … (2 comments)

norfolk living: East Beach - Norfolk - VA Market Report. Homes for Sale East Beach - 02/04/10 05:34 AM
East Beach  Market Report - Homes for sale in East Beach - Norfolk
Map of Comparable Market Analysis or Market Report  in East Beach - Norfolk - Virginia                                                          
 East Beach - Norfolk -  Virginia Market Report shows what we have seen in the region.  Houses are selling, as long as they are moderately priced and in great condition.  Above you can see the  Market report in East Beach - Norfolk as of February 4, 2010.  It appears that owners and builders in East Beach continue to over price their properties with the result of having a very high days on the market … (0 comments)

norfolk living: Stay and Play in Norfolk. - 06/12/09 05:09 AM
In Hampton Roads the closest we have to a large city feel of living is Norfolk.  Specifically the Ghent, West Ghent area and downtown Norfolk.  As a real estate agent, I have found that people who move to downtown Norfolk do not want to leave.  Hence, the price of living in these neighborhoods is rather higher.
My friend Nicole, who lives in downtown Norfolk mentions in her Facebook page that she “is really loving the Wednesday nights "Stay & Plays"...especially when it's right next door :) So I am really exited to share this Norfolk happening.
This is what Nicole has … (1 comments)

norfolk living: Doumar's; Restaurant and Landmark for Norfolk Virginia - 05/20/09 02:40 AM
Norfolk has the closest feel to a big city in Hampton Roads.  I love the energy of the city, and that people who live there actually walk to go places.  We can't do that in the rest of Hampton Roads. Virginia Norfolk, is definitely one of my favorite places.
In Virginia Norfolk, you find Doumar’s  a local old style drive-in where the menu is composed of barbecue and  hamburger fare and Ice cream.  I was there a couple of days ago, for the first time, and tried their  Ice cream Sunday. It was really good.  It was very good!  … (3 comments)

norfolk living: The Painted lady - 05/19/09 02:08 PM
Since I moved to Hampton Roads, I have been a faithfull patron of "The Painted Lady".  It closed a couple of months ago.  As I was doing errands in Norfolk with my son, I couldn't help feeling the emptiness of a place where I took all my relatives from out of town, who made fun of the outside color. I held baby showers, and was invited to other friends celebrations.  Needless to say, I was very surprised to see that it had closed down.  I don't know the details but I imagine the down turn in the economy had something to … (5 comments)

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