wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost) Tangled in Chanel! - 01/16/13 10:00 AM

Cinnamon loves playing with ribbons and this one that came with my Christmas gift is no exception. She smells nothing like Coco though...and when your home is on the market it is important to remember that pet odors can make or break a sale.

Here are a few additional tips for selling a home with pets:
Keep your pet well groomed to reduce odor, hair and damage caused by nails & claws. Get a pet bed for your dogs and cats. (Several are available atOLDDOGPAWS.com. It not only is more comfortable than the floor, it keeps dirt and sweat … (9 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Sparkling Lights! - 01/09/13 04:00 AM

Because everyone needs a little more sparkle in their lives! I love how these lights hang from the third floor ceiling down to the floor at the Mall of America. Hundreds of bright lights twinkled and provide a beautiful backdrop in one of the many wings of the Mall. Located near the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, this is one of the largest indoor mall's in the United States and it features an indoor theme park...perfect destination for all types of weather.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost) Just a Little Batty! - 10/31/12 05:36 AM

Were you expecting a carved jack-o-lantern or cute costume perhaps? This giant fruit bat is one of many in the enclosed area at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. They were pretty cool to see close up...and behind glass. Have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost) Divine or De-Vine? - 10/03/12 07:34 AM
I have always loved the look of ivy growing over a trellis and marveled at the beauty of home covered in vines. But when is a creeping ivy just too much of a good thing?  This photo of a store front in Stillwater, Minnesota shows this ivy almost completely covers the brick. One has to wonder whether the vine growth could be damaging the bricks underneath. So, what do you think? Is it divine or time to de-vine this building?  … (7 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Peep on Wheels! - 04/04/12 07:16 AM

With Easter arriving this weekend, I thought I would share the Peepmobile that quite literally rolled into the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota just a few weeks ago! I personally am not a big fan of Peeps candy, or anything marshmallow for that matter. But I did think the bright yellow VW bug with the giant Peep on top was worth taking a photo to share!
Have a wonderful and safe Easter weekend!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--A Peep Anyone Would Love! - 03/21/12 09:45 AM

Love em or hate em...Everyone has an opinion on Peeps! In my opinion they are barely edible but I have one son that loves them! We visited Mall of America in Bloomington this weekend and they have a new store devoted to the Peep. It's not just a candy store either...though there are Peeps and every flavor of Mike and Ike you can imagine! They also have socks, t-shirts and assorted Peep related gifts. I do have to admit, I kind of like the glowing giant Peep at the center of the store.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Pretty Kitty! - 02/22/12 04:39 AM

Even in a cage, a wild animal can be beautiful. Como Park is one of our favorite family places to visit and take photos. I have done this since I was 17 and a freshman at Hamline University. For fun, I would ride my bike a few miles over to Como Park Zoo and take photos of the animals.  There are more fences rules about feeding the animals than when I started taking pictures. Back then the cougars and jaguars didn't have the screens that I had to shoot through here. But the kitties are just as pretty as … (5 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Welcome to Minnesota! - 02/01/12 07:11 AM

It's February 1st in Minnesota! So maybe you were expecting photo covered in snow and ice. Well, this winter has been so extremely mild, I figured I'd share a summer photo from the Train/Maroon 5 concert that was held in September at the Minnesota State Fair. Maybe I should be embracing the Winter Carnival events of this week rather than a summer event...but the ice sculptures have melted.
Anyone considering a relocation to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area but are afraid of Minnesota winters can rest assured that we often have some nice warm above freezing days in the dead … (5 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Tribute to a Local Hero! - 01/25/12 08:40 AM

A bronze memorial of Officer Richard Crittenden walking hand-in-hand with his granddaughter is just outside the North St Paul police station on Margaret St. It was place there in 2010, approximately a year after the sad September morning when Officer Crittenden lost his life while protecting a woman from a domestic assault. He is a true local hero.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--This Job is NOT for the Faint at Heart! - 01/11/12 11:21 AM
  Throughout the warmer months this past year when we traveled along 94 northeast of St. Cloud, Minnesota we had an opportunity to see power line construction and the lines being strung via helicopter. I was the passenger and shot the photos as my husband drove...Absolutely no stopping to sightsee! The MN highway Patrol watches diligently for those who are paying more attention to the helicopters than the road. These lines are being strung along the busy interstate while cars and trucks travel at 70 mph.    One day while I was driving...not photographing...there were 3 people sitting at the tops … (13 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Fall Colors in Ham Lake, Minnesota - 10/12/11 08:03 AM

The extra dry and warm weather seems to have delayed our autumn in Ham Lake, Minnesota a bit this year. But finally yesterday I was able to really sense fall in the air.
The faint scent of burning leaves made it smell like autumn.
The crunch of leaves beneath my feet made it sound like autumn.
The wind whipping through my hair made it feel like autumn.
And of course, all the brilliant reds, yellows and rusty oranges made it look like autumn.
Enjoy fall because when the leaves are gone, we know what comes next...

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--It Survived! - 06/08/11 09:23 AM

In Minnesota we have a choice with our hibiscus plants, bring them indoors and hope they survive the eight months of less-than-ideal weather for tropical plants or rebuy them in the spring from Linder's or Bachman's. Up until last year, we chose the latter. But last fall we decide to take the plants in off our Ham Lake front porch and they survived,..though a bit ragged as our cat enjoyed chewing on the foliage. This was the first flower in late April after months in our somewhat cold sunroom. The conditions were not perfect but the plants survived.
This … (11 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Hungry Squirrel in Ham Lake! - 03/23/11 10:42 AM

After this particularly brutal winter in Anoka County, we felt a bit sorry for the squirrels living on our Ham Lake acreage. Even with several large oaks in our yard, the acorns were tough to dig out after several inches of snow. Our cat enjoys watching them play from the window so we set out food to attract them. Luckily, only the gray squirrels found it as the red ones have been known to eat cedar so we don't really want them on our front porch.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--LolCat Wishes a Merry Christmas--Yeah Right! - 12/22/10 10:43 AM

I don't think Santa will want any help from our lolCat Muffin this year. He's not too happy about the elf ears...wants his own back ASAP! At least we know he will get a present or two from Santa in his Christmas stocking after putting up with all the hats we have made him wear this year!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Our lolCat is Ready for Winter! Are YOU? - 12/08/10 01:58 AM

Bundled up in his winter hat, our indoor cat is ready for the elements! This year there was snow on the ground in December and now our winter blast of subzero temps may make it's first appearance this week. (BTW this is WAY to early in my book!)
As Minnesotan's we need to be prepared for this weather with our winter survival kits in the car (in case we slide off the road) and extra supplies in the kitchen cabinets (in case we are snowed-in for few days). As a REALTOR in Minnesota, I know that I have been out … (14 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? - 11/17/10 02:50 AM
This guy ( or gal) got lucky...we don't hunt. But walking around in our Ham Lake yard days before a holiday that puts a turkey on almost every table in Anoka County, this bird does take his life into his own hands....I mean wings ( or would it be drumsticks?)
This is just one of many as we have several dozen of wild turkeys roam through the wooded acreage around our home. Wild Turkeys are abundant throughout Columbus, Linwood, Andover, Lino Lakes and even Blaine.

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Maybe He Needs Just a Little More Coffee.... - 10/27/10 02:12 AM

Or maybe something a bit stronger!
This was taken last year at Chris Costello's family fun Halloween house in Forest Lake. Chris tries to set up his elaborate display every year weather permitting. It is located on the north side of the lake just off North Shore Trail and it is FREE! For additional photos, video and information click the photo above...If you dare!

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Fall Perfection on Minnesota Acreage! - 10/06/10 09:29 AM

While beautiful farms with rolling fields of grain do come to mind when many think of Minnesota acreage, there are other options for homebuyers who want a bigger piece of land. These photos were taken last weekend as we cruised along I94 near St. Cloud and yes, there were lots of farms along the way. But closer into the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Anoka, Washington, Chisago and Ramsey Counties where I do the majority of my sales, Minnesota acreage could be a smaller hobby farm, a mix of woods and wetland perfect for hunting or just a private … (16 comments)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Need a BIG Jolt of Caffeine? - 09/29/10 02:32 AM

A tanker full of COFFEE heading north on 94 through Minnesota? My husband and I thought it was pretty funny to see the truck as we know a few people who would think this was just enough caffeine to get them through the day! (And they are not all REALTORS® either!)

wordless wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--Welcome Fall! - 09/22/10 02:51 AM

Fall is one of the most perfect times of year. Cool crisp breezes. Bright blue skies. Warm afternoon sunshine. It is a wonderful time for a drive to see the show of colors mother nature offers just once every year before a blanket of winter white hits us full blast. The changing leaves remind us summer is over but there is still time to move this year before the snow flies.

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