good service: It's Heating Up Out There !! - 07/29/09 07:18 AM
Summer time in Florida -  
We love the beaches, the river and all the outdoor activities - but have to         admit it gets a little warm in July and August!
Good news is that the Real Estate market is heating up also and                    we're enjoying that increase in temperature!   
Our inventory in south Brevard county has dropped from  over                         7,000 single family homes listed to just around 4,500 homes for sale.            That's still a lot...  but in time we'll level out and get back to a more          balanced buyer and seller … (0 comments)

good service: Tails from a Cat House - 10/09/08 08:07 AM
We all know strict rules apply for our sellers with pets:  GET RID of pets during showings!  No odors, no fur, no pet food, and the biggest atrocity, no kitty litter !!  For 15 years I've played the hard-hearted Broker with my sellers by enforcing the "hide your pets" policy.  Everyone knows that buyers should NOT be distracted by pet odors or, heaven forbid, actual live pets wagging tails and jumping around! 
Holy Meow Mix, the pet rules have suddenly changed.  After 15 years in a "no pet" household we recently adopted 2 kittens from our local shelter.  Funny how being … (3 comments)

good service: SNOW DAY in FLORIDA ?? - 08/20/08 11:35 AM
Hurricane Fay is dancing over Brevard County, Florida for the third day in a row.  Actually a tropical storm, Fay is lingering like a long, 3 mile-per-hour slow dance - just not very enjoyable!  Everyone is hunkered down, making soup and hypnotized by the weather reports on TV.  In the past three days we've received nearly 24 inches of rain.
For anyone who grew up in northern states, this is like a snow day with schools and offices closed.   One big difference is that we're not freezing in our homes if the power goes out!   By day three, however, cabin … (0 comments)

good service: Happy Birthday America !! - 07/03/08 09:57 AM
Patriotism is alive and well in Melbourne, FL.  Our annual Independence Day barbeque is such a treat.  We're fortunate to enjoy a location directly across the river from our city's annual fireworks display.   We have front row seats to the biggest show in town on the 4th of July! 
Friends gather to enjoy the warm summer evening, good food and great music.  When the fireworks begin our music turns to patriotic favorites.   All ages sing along as they watch the show.  The crowning moment of the evening comes when the entire group jumps to its feet for the National Anthem.  This … (0 comments)

good service: Beware: The Perfect Storm ... - 06/27/08 03:19 AM
Today's buyers are navigating difficult waters.  Faced with tremendous inventory, lower prices, great interest rates, and willing sellers,  buyers are overwhelmed.  The moon and stars are beautifully aligned for them and yet it's not enough.   Today's only priority is getting a "great deal" or "stealing it".   What happened to the "location location" rule?  What happened to quality of life and nice neighbors? When did "are these sellers desperate?" become the major criteria in choosing one's home? 
Caution:  very rarely will the perfect elements come together and still be a "steal of a deal".   Buyers should not succumb to the pressure of … (3 comments)

good service: Now is the time for all good agents to come to the aid of their colleagues! - 05/17/08 08:37 AM
Does anybody else think it's time to go back to Real Estate 101?   Back in the old days (not all that long ago) we received courteous service when calling another brokerage to schedule a showing on a listing.   Agents were appreciative to have their listings shown and were happy to assist a selling agent with instructions. 
It seems today that some of our brokerages have forgotten a basic premise.  Selling agents are actually "customers" of that brokerage.   Few agents seem to grasp this basic concept.  If a selling agent has a potential buyer for your listing, try a little courtesy.  Provide … (2 comments)


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