swfl real estate: Terry's Hot Tip: Is investing Condominiums and Townhouses a Good Idea? - 04/12/19 04:48 AM
I’d love to share my personal weekly HOT real estate investment tip with you this week! And you'll get tips from me every week that support your most important investment decisions when you subscribe to my channel on Youtube
Today's tip we're talking about "Is investing Condominiums and Townhouses a Good Idea?" What should you be aware of, what should you take into consideration? There are a few ways to do this, and I recommend watching my Youtube post now and then for a super detailed answer subscribing to my 1-hour monthly hot tips class. You'll get the full answer to this question and many more... Let's do this!
You'll get: An hour-long … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: Terry's Hot Tip: Is Investing Around Military Bases a Good Idea? - 04/10/19 10:55 AM
I’d love to share my personal weekly HOT real estate investment tip with you this week! And you'll get tips from me every week that support your most important investment decisions. 
Today's tip we're talking about "Is Investing Around Military Bases a Good Idea?”  What should you be aware of, so you don't get yourself into trouble? There are a few ways to do this, and I recommend watching my Youtube post now. And for a super detailed answer subscribing to my 1-hour monthly hot tips class. You'll get the answer to this question and many more... Let's do this!
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swfl real estate: Your Giant List of Prepping Tips for Tiny House Living - 03/27/19 07:28 AM
Whether you’re thinking about switching to tiny house living or you’ve recently bought your own tiny home, you’re probably wondering one thing. And that’s how you can best prep!
And as your real estate resource, I have a number of tips that can help you best prepare for this lifestyle change. But we’re not talking about one or two tips here, or even three or four. In fact, we’re talking about your GIANT list of prepping tips for tiny house living!
Take a flexible attitude, especially when it comes to local codes or city authorities. And don’t worry, because there are almost always … (5 comments)

swfl real estate: Should You Do a Vacation Rental in Southwest Florida - 03/05/19 05:12 AM
Date: Mar 10, 2019
4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada);
3 PM Central;
2 PM Mountain;
1 PM Pacific.
Join myself and my son Adam to learn about a Unique Opportunity to own in Southwest Florida
Vacation Homes, Second Homes & Annual Rentals
Join our lively discussion including Pro's, Con's & How to's:
• How to own a Vacation Rental
• or Should you do a Second Home
• or is an Annual Rental better?
• How to manage the property for lawn; pool; upkeep; renovations and more...
We will answer ALL of your questions...
Who are Terry and Adam?
As long-time investors and owners of a dozen vacation rentals over the … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: VIP Virtual Investment Planning Live Webinar - 12/23/18 03:56 AM
Nothing is more powerful than identifying your goals and strategies for the New Year. 
Join us as we "Release" 2018 and getting ready for "2019"
Terry & Jason will lead a thoughtful, lively goal planning discussion. 
Register here: http://terryandjason.pages.ontraport.net/goalsetting
Once you have registered with your email address we will send you a workbook. Please complete beforehand to gain the most value from the event.
 The webinar will start on the other email you have been sent or the original one you clicked into.
--Terry Lee Records is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Virtual Real Estate Investing & Personal Goal Setting Day
Time: Jan 1, 2019 2:00 PM … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: Join us for 5 Proven Strategies to Find More Money to Invest in Real Estate Free Webinar: - 10/17/18 07:22 AM

Thinking about investing in real estate?
Before diving in, it is best to consider options & gather information &…
Be Wary of “Eating the Seed Corn.”
What is “Seed Corn”? The formal definition is the good-quality corn kept for seed. The same applies in real estate. It is the personal resources at one’s disposal that enable someone to get started investing in real estate.
Unfortunately, most investors, and even professionals in the real estate industry, forget to plan for future deals and use ALL the “Seed Corn” in the first or second transaction in the excitement of the transaction stopping the investor from … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: 5 Amazing Florida Cities for Outdoor Lovers - 09/02/18 02:26 AM

In Florida, you can find a city for just about every lifestyle. The truth is that our state is incredibly diverse, and there’s so much to discover, whether you love the foodie scene or the beaches. In addition, for many people who decide to call Florida “home,” the outdoors is a big attraction. Of course, it’s not just all beaches, as we’ll find out in a moment. But this week, I wanted to share with you outdoor lovers some of the best cities just for you. After reading, if you’re thinking about buying property here, reach out and let’s talk about … (4 comments)

swfl real estate: 3 Affordable SWFL Properties You Can Buy Right Now - 09/01/18 04:34 AM

Every month, we’ve looked at property in Southwest Florida that you can buy right now. Why is this so important? While many real estate agents like to talk about trends or hypothetical properties, nothing beats looking at real homes available to you today. This helps to put your home buying decision into context, as you browse photos and information.
Of course, as your resource for real estate in SWFL, I love connecting you with these properties. And with online sites like Zillow, we can browse them together before we decide which ones we’ll look at. This month, we have several properties that … (2 comments)

swfl real estate: 6 Simple Tips for Realtors to Boost Their Selling Potential - 08/30/18 08:20 AM

When it comes to helping people sell their homes, many of the real estate agents I talk to are always looking for advice. And that makes sense; after all, selling a home is a big undertaking, and you should always be looking for ways to improve your process.
At the same time, many of my clients for real estate coaching benefit from actionable, straightforward advice that immediately boosts their potential. And you can probably relate to that; why make things complicated if they don’t have to be, right? Now, if that’s the case, after decades in the real estate business and as … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: 8 Instagram Accounts for When You Need to Stage and Decorate - 08/26/18 03:54 AM

For our regular readers, you know just how much I love every part of real estate. Whether coaching other real estate agents to following all the latest trends, I can’t get enough. One of the questions I often get from buyers, sellers, and Realtors, is on staging and decorating.
But where do I get inspiration for staging property and decorating my own home? Across the internet, there are so many amazing resources right at our fingertips. Just take these 8 Instagram accounts, for example!
Approachable Style
TRNK is an excellent account to follow for one simple fact. And that’s how approachable they make style. … (11 comments)

swfl real estate: 4 More Ways to Help You Engage Your Leads as a Real Estate Agent - 08/25/18 05:29 AM

Last week, we discovered 4 digital avenues you can use to engage with your leads. The best part was that each of them was fairly easy to implement, as well as being affordable. Through them, you’re likely to see increased conversions and a growing, engaged audience.
But now that we’ve looked at the digital sphere, I want to turn to a few alternatives. And nothing says you can’t use these ideas alongside our online ones. In fact, after coaching countless Realtors, I can say that having a multi-pronged strategy for your lead engagement is a great approach. Now, let’s look at a … (2 comments)

swfl real estate: 5 Questions Everyone has About Living in Florida - 08/23/18 04:49 AM

If you’re considering a property in Florida as your next home, you probably have lots of questions. This is especially true if you’ve only visited the state once or twice. In reality, there are many myths that people share about our state, but as your source for everything in the area, I’m always here to answer your questions when it comes to real estate. So, let’s dive in!
How worried should I be about alligators and sharks?
In truth, when you own a home in Florida, wildlife is not a major concern. Sure, you need to know a few rules, but if you’ve … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: 2 Before and After Houzz Rehabs to Inspire - 08/19/18 02:02 AM

You know how much I love every aspect of real estate, from managing client investments to browsing home trends on Houzz. And often, we take a look at a few rehabs that have caught my eye. Sometimes it’s a Midcentury Modern home, restored to its former glory, and other times, it might be a beachside bungalow with a hidden charm. In either case, whether you’re a Realtor, a home buyer, or a homeowner, there’s so much inspiration out there when it comes to real estate. And today we’re going to discover a bit more of it!
Contemporary Comfort in an Attractive Foursquare
I … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: Digital Avenues to Help You Engage Your Leads as a Real Estate Agent - 08/17/18 05:33 AM
As your source for expert real estate coaching, you know that I love to give you ideas to grow your business. From market tools to taxes and lead generation to staging, I aim to be your resource for all the ins and outs of the buying and selling process.
One of the topics that often comes up when I’m coaching other Realtors is leads. And that makes sense, since they’re the lifeblood of your success. As we saw in one of our recent articles, there’s also a few perspectives that can help us better approach how we view our own prospecting and … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: Impress Buyers with Your Open House - 08/15/18 02:05 AM

Whether you’re a home seller or a real estate agent, you might be wondering how to best hold your next open house. Now, to start off, nothing says you must have an open house. In fact, for some properties, it might not be right at all. However, in many cases, an open house can be an enjoyable and even fun experience… for your potential buyers and you! How can you make this happen? Let’s find out!
Prepare the home with a clean up
Probably the biggest deal breaker when it comes to an open house is a dirty home. Can you imagine going … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: Your Journey to Becoming a Savvy Real Estate Investor - 08/12/18 03:53 AM

In our previous article, we saw how being a savvy real estate investor involves more than just “making the sale” or “flipping a property.” After a multi-million-dollar career in real estate investing, I’ve learned that there’s so much more to it than that. And in reality, it’s far, far more rewarding as well.
Last time, we saw how you’ll need to meet challenges head on, but also take time to replenish your energy. We also saw how you’ll always be assessing and reviewing. At the same time, you become that source of authority for friends, family, clients, and acquaintances. It’s incredible to … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: SWFL End-of-Summer Fun, for Residents and Visitors - 08/10/18 04:16 AM

In Southwest Florida, affordable real estate isn’t the only amazing factor we have going for us. In fact, throughout the year, you can find tons of enjoyable activities to keep you busy. And many of them are also cost-effective and won’t break the bank.
Of course, as the end of summer approaches, you might be looking for a few of these fun activities. And whether you’re a SWFL homeowner or just visiting the area, each one of these will be sure to please. Best of all, they’re just as much fun alone, with a friend, or with the grandkids!
Walk One of Our … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: Your Leads as a Real Estate Agent - 08/08/18 05:28 AM

As a real estate coach, I’ve worked with countless Realtors over the decades. What’s one of the most common questions I get? How do you generate more leads and more high-quality leads?
And this is an absolutely excellent question. After all, when it comes down to it, your business is likely founded on a steady flow of prospects or leads. Well, after buying and selling countless properties over the decades, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works.
And this month, we’re going to look at some tips and tricks when it comes to your real estate leads and prospects.
Understanding Prospecting and … (3 comments)

swfl real estate: What’s it Really Like to be a Savvy Real Estate Investor? - 08/03/18 04:00 AM

When it comes to investing, you might have wondered once or twice about the possibilities. You might have also wondered what it takes to become successful and what it might be like once you attain that success. And these are perfectly natural things to think about!
After becoming an accomplished, multi-millionaire investor, I took note of my journey. One of the reasons I’m publishing my upcoming book on real estate investing is to share what it took to get there. But today, I wanted to give you a sense of what it’s really like—not the sugar-coated version everyone else gives you, … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: 10 Reasons to Celebrate the Southwest Florida Lifestyle - 08/01/18 07:22 AM

As a real estate agent in Southwest Florida, I love, love, love to answer questions about our lifestyle here. And the truth is that you have an incredible number of choices when it comes to living in SWFL. Whether you’re looking to retire here or start a career and family, there’s something for you. And when it comes down to it, the residents truly enjoy living in our region. Need a few reasons why? Today, we’re going to look at 10 of them!
Long drives up along the coast
With hundreds of miles of Southwest Florida coastline, we have stunning views that can … (1 comments)

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