fairfield real estate: Open House Sunday May 31 1-4PM - 05/29/09 03:15 AM

fairfield real estate: Value in Fairfield - 05/19/09 03:46 AM

fairfield real estate: Fairfield Board of Eduction Budget Referendum - 05/18/09 08:29 AM
 After talking with the Fairfield Town Clerk's Office, here is the latest update -
Apparently a series of Referendum petitions have been turned into the Town Clerk's Office. So it won't be until sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) that we know if there are enough certified signatures to force a Referendum....stay tuned!
The Petition must have 1833 certified signers.....so the Town Clerk's office has to first count the number and verify that the signers are registered voters before a determination can be made about the Referendum.

fairfield real estate: $8,000 for Down Payment - Now Available! - 05/13/09 02:36 AM
Change in Fed Regulations - Use your $8,000 Now!
In keeping up with the latest news, there was been a significant change in one of the Administrations tax credit programs.  Yesterday, the Secretary of HUD announced that FHA is going to permit it's lenders to allow home buyers to use the $8,000 tax credit as a down payment when obtaining a government insured mortgage.  This is a change in the way that the program had been setup when it arrived as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The law states that qualifying homebuyers may claim up to … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield and the State ECS Grants - the Numbers Revised - 05/12/09 09:33 AM
From the First Selectman and Paul Hiller, we have the following as numbers....  
FY 2009 (aka this year) - $3,597,485 for ECS Grants (including both what we have received and what we expect to receive by yearend)  
FY 2010 (aka the budget) - $3,575,407 - the amount includes the $502k and change that we reduced the Town Revenue by because it is going directly to the BOE but is still counted as ECS Grant money by the State  
So if these two numbers are accurate, then we are approx $20,000 lower in ECS Grants for FY2010 than the … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield and the State ECS Grants - 05/12/09 09:24 AM
Here is an explanation from the CT Assoc of Boards of Education or CABE that Cathy Albin passed along...   This seems to have us covered....there is no penalty to the Town if the BOE funding is less than the prior year.    Now we can discuss what is really the most important issue - What quality of Education do we want to fund for our town?   Also - the one big caveat to what you are about to read - this assumes the State actually funds the remaining balance on the  FY09 ECS Grant. If that amount is cut … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield Tax Rate Referendum Update - 05/07/09 06:01 AM
I am trying to get my arms around the mechanics of the impact of a $2.1 Million cut....and there are a host of assumptions at work....let me try to lay out the ones I see....and I would ask for anyone's help with factual support for how this might play out...    
If the State Legislature renews the MBR (Min Budget Requirement)....   We need some input on the likelihood of this and possible amendments....     and the Referendum is passed....(not sure how much support it has but for discussion sake let's play this out)  
We must … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: In the Heart of Downtown Fairfield - 05/06/09 09:00 AM

fairfield real estate: Fairfield Tax Rate Challenge - 05/06/09 03:06 AM
A Referendum Petition is being prepared.  
It is asking for a $2.1 Million cut to the BOE Budget.    
This is not a wise move.  As we learned this week during the RTM discussions, the State has guidelines that penalize Towns that don't maintain BOE funding to certain levels.  
With the budget we just passed, we are in violation and will have to increase BOE funding by $48,000 or face a 2 to 1 dollar penalty in reduction of future State funding. So as of right now, the Town must take $48,000 out of contingency and move it over … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield Tax Rate Update - 05/06/09 03:03 AM
The new Tax Rate in Fairfield is set at 18.90 Mills or a 1.72% increase from this year. The new Tax Rate goes into effect on July 1, 2009. 
Other Towns in the area will be finalizing their tax rates over the next two weeks...stay tuned for more updates....
All the best, Mike

fairfield real estate: Southport Woods - 05/05/09 09:33 AM

fairfield real estate: The Lion and the Gazelle - 05/04/09 01:36 AM
A Story from the "Coach":
Every morning in Africa,
a Gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must run faster than the
fastest Lion or it will be killed.
Every morning a Lion wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the slowest
Gazelle or it will starve to death.
It doesn't matter whether you're
 a Lion or a Gazelle,
when the sun comes up,
you had better be running!
We were trying to find a way to describe how much we hustle for our clients.  This story seemed to capture the … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: What does it take to be Successful? - 04/25/09 04:28 AM
April 25, 2009
            Dedicated, full time, professional and successful!  We know the meaning of persistence.  We don't stop working until we find the most qualified buyer willing to pay the best price for your home.  Our Team is committed to doing the work to help you achieve your dreams.
Your home is probably your most valuable asset.  Our Team gives you the service you deserve.  We would also be pleased to describe our innovative Sales Gameplan that makes it so much easier for the right buyer to find your home.  With all the information and all the homes now … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield Real Estate Values Update - 04/23/09 06:48 AM
What drives Real Estate Values in Fairfield County?
There are two main drivers for Real Estate value in our area.  The first is proximity to New York City.  Not everyone commutes to NY but everyone competes against commuters for homes. Homes that are closer to NY are worth more in the Market.  This is one of the reasons average property values decline (or become more affordable) as you travel up the coast - Greenwich to Darien to Westport to Fairfield. For the most part, Fairfield is the last commuter town.  It is not that no one will commute from further out … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Customer Service Award from William Raveis Real Estate - 04/23/09 12:25 AM
Mike Tetreau named tops in Customer Service
The William Raveis Real Estate Company announced today that Mike Tetreau had been earned the Excellence in Customer Service Award for January.  This award recognizes Mike for the dedicated effort and exceptional commitment to meeting his clients objectives.  In today's Real Estate market, this is no small accomplishment.
"We are thrilled to have a professional like Mike on our team" said Linda Meyers, Vice President of Sales for William Raveis Real Estate. "His experience and creativity give him the perfect combination of skills for today's challenging market.  Mike and his team have proven that … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Connecticut wants to TAX All Home Buyers 1% of Purchase Price!!! - 04/20/09 06:06 AM
State wants to Tax Home Buyers 1%!
OK, what could possibly make today's Real Estate market worse for everyone and kill off the Federal Economic Stimulus program?  Our very own Connecticut State Legislature. Bill #6397 is one of the bills to make it out of committee.  If it goes forward, it will take effect on July 1, 2009!
This Bill requires HOME BUYERS to pay a 1% tax that would go to Towns and Municipalities to fund Open Space purchases, Brownfields and some other restricted uses (see below). This would have a very significant impact by making all Homes much less … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Mike Tetreau in TOP 5 in Real Estate - 04/20/09 05:51 AM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact:    Kayla O'Brien        RISMedia's Top 5 in Real Estate        Phone: (203) 855-1234 x134        E-Mail: Kayla@RISMedia.com                  Michael Tetreau        William Raveis Real Estate        Phone: 203-255-6841        E-Mail: tetreaum@raveisre.com        Thursday, April 16, 2009        Michael Tetreau, of William Raveis Real Estate, Southport, CT, Named a Charter Member of North American "Top 5 in Real Estate Network®"    Local Realtor Earns Most Prestigious of all Industry Achievements        Norwalk, CT- … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield and the New Budget - Update - 04/02/09 03:44 AM
March 31, 2009
Budget Update -
Well, the Board of Finance has finished voting and here is what we have:
Town - $81,104,077
BOE - $140,065,961
Debt Service - 26,577,342
For a total of $247,747,380
This should represent approx a 1.75% tax increase. This is not exact. The calculation wasn't done last night.
It has been a real education this year.  Certainly, there has been more public participation than prior years.  My compliments and appreciation are given to all the people that offered feedback and suggestions especially for the sincerity and respect contained in all the letters, emails and comments.
Again, … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: Fairfield and the New Budget - 03/13/09 11:05 AM
Here is an explanation of what it is like this year serving on Fairfield's Board of Finance....
This is a very difficult and challenging year.  We are currently facing a situation where we most likely do not have enough Revenues to cover the Expenses currently proposed - unless one is willing to make some very optimistic assumptions. We also have some key Expenses like our Pension Fund contribution not fully accounted for in the First Selectman's version of the budget. The current budget reflects something closer to a 4.5% Tax increase not the 3% that is being advertised.  
To put … (0 comments)

fairfield real estate: What should Fairfield Plan for? - 03/08/09 01:06 AM
This has been an absolutely beautiful weekend for this early in the year....and makes me just yearn for the coming spring and the time when Fairfield turns green with new life blooming everywhere.  And I know we don't need any bad news to spoil this feeling.....however, there have been some discussions about how long this current downturn might last and how quickly it might come back.  I believe we need to hope for the best but plan for the most likely...and be ready for something worse.  In a sense, we are all part of "management" and we all have an obligation to … (0 comments)

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