birds: Another BEEPING Roadrunner - 03/02/13 02:35 PM
It does seem that when you see one you see two or three more.  As you look to your left across the lake lot that is for sale there is nothing there as you look back again you see a lot of high speed traffic.  It is very fast and for sure it is breaking the speed limit in this lake development on Lake Granbury.  The object comes to a screeching stop and it was none other than Mr. Roadrunner going after a lizard for lunch.a sight often seen in this area. 


birds: Family Affair - 04/28/12 01:52 AM
Even the geese get together for a weekend of fun and swimming on beautiful Lake Granbury Texas.  Photos made from the little cafe where I have breakfast about three times a week.  There is so much wildlife fun going on here at the lake.  Just watching the ducks, geese and squirrels doing their thing is worth the cost of the breakfast here along the shore of the lake.  Take time to watch the birds and animals that are around your part of the world.



birds: Today's New Baby Birds - 05/02/11 12:05 PM
The time here at our home in Kerrville Texas is 5:45 PM and just fifteen minutes ago we had new babies added to our front yard nest.  This nest is not even four feet off of the ground and as of this time the babies are safe.  This morning there were four big blue bird eggs in the nest and as you can see there are still two eggs that have not hatched.  The two hatched about five minutes apart and I guess the other two will follow soon.  I don't know what species these are because I have not seen the … (22 comments)

birds: The Cardinal Song - 04/12/11 02:39 AM
Do you ever stop and listen to the words of the song birds?  They all have a word to say to you if you have the time to listen to what they are saying.  I know that their message is not always the same but the tone to each spoken word remains the same.  I am not sure if the song words always mean the same but the sound to each remains the constant.
The Mocking-bird can copy just about any other bird and often does so in a long splatter of sounds one after the other.  A few years ago we … (18 comments)

birds: Painted Bunting - 02/23/11 02:35 PM
These photos of a Painted Bunting in our back yard is one of the more beautiful birds in the Hill Country of Texas.  This bird is native to many states and enjoyed by all who get the opportunity to view it.  They can be very private but don't mind being around other species at the feeder.  



birds: THE BIRDS ENJOY THE POOL WATER - 02/20/11 06:43 AM
I did a post about the deer drinking out of the pool water in the winter time and the birds love it as well.  I try to keep the bird bath full of water but sometimes the deer will drink it dry.  The birds will drink from the pool cover as well as the bird bath.  There so many birds coming back to this area, I guess getting a jump on Spring time.  Here are just a couple of the birds of the day, Mr. and Mrs Cardinal as well as many White-wing Doves etc.  The pool cover has many other small … (14 comments)

birds: FEED THE BIRDS - 08/15/10 03:59 AM
This is a picture of mommy doing her thing that I posted on another site along with  information about the picture.  There were also othe pictures posted with the story but I like this photo of mommy bird working so hard to keep her children nourished I wanted to post her picture here on this site.  Ihope that you like the photo.


birds: Mommy-Mommy I'm Next-Hurry - 08/13/10 08:49 AM
I had to visit a property that had just been inspected and inspect the inspector.  You know the regular small stuff that they find to write-up on the report and we respect that.  While waiting for the inspector I had the pleasure of watching this mother bird feeding her hungry young ones. Now after watching them for a while I thought some of the baby birds being waited on looked very much like some teenagers.  I really think that they could be out on their own but as long as mother will feed them in bed why not just stick around for the rest … (13 comments)

birds: DEER and BIRDS LIVE TOGETHER - 03/10/10 11:15 AM
This one picture of the young white tail buck and the white wing dove appear as if they are great friends.  The Painted Bunting taking a meal out of the on ground bird feeder is such a colorful bird it has the same colors as some of the wild parrots that live in this area.




Not that good of photography but they are beautiful birds.

birds: Spring Is Almost Here So The Birds Say - 03/03/10 01:18 PM
While on a trip to Granbury this past weekend, we were noticing that even in North Texas, Spring must be on the doorstep. The trees here in Kerrville are almost leafing out with the buds bursting more each day.   The amount of birds moving from the south up into this Hill Country Area are in the thousands.
Now back to the Granbury trip, things seem to be changing with flowers and trees starting their Spring showcase.  However, we were treated to a real show that Spring is here by the birds that were doing their mating ritual and dance.  While getting … (13 comments)

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