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The history of Kerr County depicted by murals as they were painted on the back of Tom Moore Lumber Company in Ingram Texas.  I think that all of the murals were painted by Westphal over a period of about two years. The first mural depicting Joshua Brown and his cedar shingle business that he star...
I sure have missed getting some great photos because my camera was in the back seat of my pick-up. By the time I get the camera and get it open and ready the great shot is a shot in the rear.  Well this one of these very large Axis bucks is a good exsample of being just a little too late.  It is ...
Almost everyday I get to see Antelope as well as different species of deer very close to our home.  Sometimes they are right in our yard so it is not easy to miss them as they walk through the area.  The antelope for the most part are returning from the river to get a drink.  On the way back to t...
Three Legged Axis Deer.
Saturday morning coffee with Axis Deer at my breakfast room window.  I know that I post a lot of deer pictures but it is hard not to pick up my camera when the deer are almost in my house with me.  There were about fifteen in this group today.  One of the deer that is a constant visitor to our ya...
These photos of a Painted Bunting in our back yard is one of the more beautiful birds in the Hill Country of Texas.  This bird is native to many states and enjoyed by all who get the opportunity to view it.  They can be very private but don't mind being around other species at the feeder.        ...
I shotthis picture in 2008 of a White wing Dove and a White-Tail deer in our back yard at the bird bath.  It is not very clear because taking through a kitchen window.  However it has been one of my favorite photos.  I really don't know why but it seems to stay with me as a photo in my mind.  I p...
Where is George Strait when you need him?  Most likley somewhere picking up another music award for his continued success in country music.  The two Axis deer sure could have used him and his band while dancing in our back yard.  They were staying in step without George but it sure would have bee...
I did a post about the deer drinking out of the pool water in the winter time and the birds love it as well.  I try to keep the bird bath full of water but sometimes the deer will drink it dry.  The birds will drink from the pool cover as well as the bird bath.  There so many birds coming back to...
There is one good thing about having a winter pool cover over the pool.  All kinds of animals come to drink from the pool cover.  Our cover holds water on top to keep it from blowing off if it storms.  The birds really like it because they can land out in the middle and be protected.  The deer wa...


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