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Watching the Oscars, or at least the parts I was awake for, caused me to think back to some research I did this summer on green construction. Having visited a number of homes, many new construction, over the past several months I can't recall any discussion about green construction and energy sav...
I had an opportunity to see Connecticut's Legislative process in action yesterday as the Environmental Commission listened to testimony concerning a proposed law to place a one year moratorium on alternative on-site sewage treatment systems.  It is always interesting to see the same data and stat...
I currently have an opportunity to list a property in a nice section of New Haven, it is in a mixed residential and commercial zone.  Older structure (1910s) containing a 6 room (3 bed) house and small 350 Sqft attached retail space plus a detached 3 car garage.  It was impossible to get any comp...
In the last several weeks at least 30% of my inquiries from buyers have been for first floor MBR &/or Dual MBR 1st and 2nd floors.  About half of these were retired couples moving from the typical area 4-5 bedroom home who are having some difficulty with stairs, the other half are either older co...
When moving to a new city one of the best ways to gain an understanding of the social atmosphere in a town or city is to seek out the Newcomers Club.  Many communities have formed their own chapters and you can locate them via the organization home page and G...
The networking aspect of this business is fascinating, you get a chance to meet all sorts of interesting and talented people.   Having a good Rolodex is vital and helping people is clearly the way to create your business.When you walk into a kitchen, family room or library one of the natural thin...
Connecticut is home to a growing Eagle population both year round residents as well has numerous visiting Eagles.  This majestic birds return to the Connecticut River each winter.   This annual festival drew 15,000 visitors in 2005.  With great weather forecasts for the weekend, wear your long jo...
For the past several years Killingworth has had a number of initiatives to expand space at town hall, including adding modular space in 2001.  A Selectman's Committee charged with developing alternative approaches to solving the space issue is diligently working on alternative plans to present to...
Connecticut Governor Jodie Rell has proposed a dramatic increase in Educational Funding in her State of The State address to be paid for via increased income taxes.  For the first time in years it is proposed to increase, not decrease, money coming to towns such as Madison.  For years Madison and...
One of the warnings that comes up after you hit post is about he use of copyrighted material.  That doesn't mean you can not use it, just that you need the proper positions.I believe in humor and try to inject some in things I do, although those who worked for me in my former career may question ...

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