An article today on shed more light on what was supposed to have been fixed already but it’s obvious based on the article that the ROBO Signing mess and the subsequent multibillion dollar settlement with the all of the countries Attorney Generals has done little to change at least one o...
    All of the reports from the various "experts" and news outlets this week, and in previous weeks, can confuse people as to what is really going on within the housing market. You have home builders reporting on Wall Street, and other places, about housing starts and permits being down.  You hav...
Too Crooked to Fail is a Rolling Stone article regarding the scary monster we call Bank of America and all of the illegal, immoral and downright criminal things that they have been up to. It’s pretty scary stuff! People we are talking billions of dollars if not trillions!   At least Bank of Ameri...
  For the first time ever short sales have surpassed foreclosures in sales according to a recent report by LPS (Lender Processing Services) who tracks them.   Finally the banks are starting to get it. Maybe (sorry I just think they make it way too complicated still).   Perhaps they have finally r...

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