manhattan real estate: Astute Buyers Make Astute Decisions: Now is the Time to Buy in NYC - 02/26/19 09:05 AM
Recent Manhattan Real Estate Reports 
The billionaire Warren Buffet said it best, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get . . . It is wise to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."
Some recent reports on real estate in New York City have made some people fearful. When we look at the broad picture and the overall statistics in those reports it is fairly clear as to why those people are fearful.
But is there more to it than the overall and the general?
We would say, "Most definitely, yes."
We would also say that this is a good time to buy – … (24 comments)

manhattan real estate: Manhattan Is For the Birds… (Dogs And Cats Too) - 01/16/19 12:38 PM
Being a pet owner can be a labor of love. It’s not always easy to find a building that will take you and your animal companions. Strict no pet policies in some new condos, a lack of nearby pet-friendly amenities, and hostile neighbors can make moving into a new home with Fido a tricky feat. For those who seek the best of both worlds, luxury real estate in Manhattan and the freedom to have pets, it is good to know that there is help out there. You only need to see all the dog dishes under the tables on Amsterdam Avenue to know … (28 comments)

manhattan real estate: Parents Looking to Purchase a Manhattan Apartment for their Children - 01/08/19 11:09 AM
Very few twenty-year-olds have the hard-earned financial capital to afford a million dollar piece of real estate in Manhattan. However, there are wealthy parents who purchase Manhattan apartments for their children as an investment. Every twenty-year-old has the desire to live in an area of town that they choose. So the ones who have access to capital have influence. Their thumb is on a pulse that is dictated by rising fads, not market prices. This is when investors need to start listening. Where are things happening? How can a parent tap into a trendy area, keep a child happy, and make … (6 comments)

manhattan real estate: Cities Are More Similar Than Countries - 12/21/18 05:05 AM
You can travel a thousand miles to another big city, and feel more at home there than someone from a rural part of that country, coming to the city for the first time. When you get beyond the language, big cities are the same in many ways. There is a certain ebb and flow. For an investor to buy real estate in Manhattan, the transition from Hong Kong or Singapore for their families can actually be more fluid and familiar than for a family moving to the Big Apple from upstate New York.
What’s selling in upstate New York? For less than a … (4 comments)

manhattan real estate: Making Sense Of Life In The Sky - 12/03/18 03:00 PM
A while ago, I wrote an article about the benefits of living close to the ground, and how single-family mansions are becoming the new rage in New York. However, with these past months’ launch of the new ultra-luxury 117 West 57 and 217 West 57 Street super-tall tower, I thought I would write about all the benefits about having a place in the sky. The difference between life near the streets and a cloud palace can be broken down in the most primal of terms. Lifestyle, at its core, revolves around the five senses. In real estate, it revolves around three of those – hearing, sight, and smell.
First … (8 comments)

manhattan real estate: Manhattan Is Closer To The Stars - 11/30/18 07:51 AM
California is often thought of as the star-struck state, but there are a dazzling number of celebrities that live in NYC as well. As opposed to the glamour of show biz, New York City has always been seen as the place you go to “make it big” in business, Broadway, or song and dance. And for marquee names ranging from Bette Midler to Madonna, Manhattan is where they achieved their success. However, there are also stars of the silver screen that have made New York their home, drawn by the allure of status and security you can only find in Manhattan real estate.
Taking a … (9 comments)

manhattan real estate: UES Apartments For Sale Q3 2018 Overview - 08/31/18 03:59 AM
The Upper East Side has some of the most expensive properties in New York City. It also has some of the most reasonably priced properties. While parts of the UES have long been one of the most prestigious locations, it is also a great neighborhood to buy your first apartment. The most expensive properties lie from Fifth Avenue to Lexington, but then prices are more tame as you head East. With the new 2nd Avenue Subway, this area is becoming more and more popular and relevant, with a quick twenty-minute commute from the outreaches of the Upper East Side to midtown.

You … (18 comments)

manhattan real estate: Real Estate Agents Answer: How to make a successful lowball offer? - 06/28/18 04:25 PM
While most of the US is in a seller’s market, certain neighborhoods in Manhattan and Miami are currently considered to be buyer’s markets. This is a supply issue, with too many units coming on at once, versus a demand issue (as there is plenty of demand in our booming economy). How long will it be a buyers market for these two locations? Not long, for sure. But, buyers have become bolder and bolder when making initial offers - often at the point of offending sellers.  
With that in mind, we decided to reach out the agent community across the country to … (13 comments)

manhattan real estate: What's the latest real estate news in Manhattan and Miami - 05/17/18 07:13 AM
What's the latest real estate news in Manhattan and Miami   
Below is a compilation of these past weeks top real estate news articles for the Miami and Manhattan Real Estate Markets. It has a bit of everything that I’ve been reading and it covers subjects like Manhattan Real Estate and the Miami Luxury Market (including luxury homes for sale), Parks and Recreations in South Florida and NYC, furniture and home decor tips, and others. 
I hope you enjoy!
Ricardo Mello 
Manhattan and Miami Real Estate Broker

New Yorkers Who Love Where They Live When Should You List Your Home? The Bronx sheds image of … (9 comments)

manhattan real estate: How to Find Good Deals in Manhattan Real Estate’s Best Buildings - 05/07/18 04:16 PM
The literal definition of “luxury real estate” includes any property that sells in the top 10% of the
market. However, that doesn’t always equal highly praised amenities and stunning architecture.
A high price in Manhattan is often attributed to things like size, neighborhood, and floor level,
but those variables can also inform whether a property is a good long-term investment or just a
trend. Careful planning and research goes a long way in the search for a Manhattan residential
property of lasting value. To that effort, here is a list of tips to follow when searching for quality
investments in Manhattan Real Estate’s best real estate.
Know What … (14 comments)

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