anacortes home inspection: Should the Seller Attend the Home Inspection? - 01/17/13 03:40 AM  Should the Seller attend the home inspection with the buyer?  After all, they’ve lived in the home for years and know all of its inner workings.  I say, emphatically, “NO!” and here’s why…
 The Buyer, Seller, Realtors, and Inspector all want smooth sailing, without unnecessary  waves.
         (1)    I think Rule #1 for Realtors should be to keep the Seller and Buyer away from each other, at all costs!  I have seen at least 10 deals in my time go awry because the Buyer simply didn’t like the Seller, or vice-versa.  Maybe it was something the Seller said, or their … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Test Your Ground Fault Circuits (GFCIs)!! All Islands Home Inspections - 01/08/13 02:59 AM 
Those funny looking electrical outlets installed where moisture might be present are safety devices intended to prevent serious electrical hazards by cutting the power. Known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs) or just “safety outlets”, they should be tested at least monthly by pushing the “Test” button. Don’t forget to reset it! If your GFCIs keep tripping and you don’t know if you have a bad device or a ground fault, the Circuit Detective has a comprehensive and useful article to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about them.

anacortes home inspection: Roofing Pre-Winter Checkup - All Islands Home Inspections - 01/08/13 02:42 AM 
Your roof can be the second most expensive home repair/replacement you face (the foundation being first). As with most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Weather allowing, November is as good time to perform a roof checkup to help diagnose potential problems early. Arm yourself with The National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA’s) roof checkup guide for homeowners. Also, the NRCA can help point you to a reliable roofer. Click here for details.

anacortes home inspection: Foundation Problem? Probably Not! (All Islands Home Inspections) - 01/04/13 02:41 AM  Oh, my gosh! I’ve got sticking doors or windows, cracks in my walls inside and out - it must be a foundation problem. Well, maybe not. Don’t call that expensive foundation repair company just yet. There is a whole variety of what engineers call “non-foundation distress” problems in three general categories that look like foundation problems. The Foundation Performance Association has published a very good chart that lists more than 25 things that may occur in buildings or their foundations that are sometimes incorrectly attributed to foundation movement. The chart suggests more probable causes of the problems, the possible reasons … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Driveway Stain Remover - All Islands Home Inspections - 01/04/13 02:29 AM 
Here’s a hint from a November 2004 Popular Mechanics issue: "If you do your own work on your car or other equipment like lawnmowers or chain saws, you're bound to have oil stains on your garage floor or driveway. Here's something that works and is basically free: ground-up drywall. Pulverize a small piece with a hammer, then grind it up in your hands and sprinkle it over the stains. Let it stay in place overnight before rinsing it off. If the first application doesn't remove the whole stain, try it again. Some very old stains can take three or more … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Testimonial - All Islands Home Inspections (San Juan, Skagit, Island) - 01/04/13 02:22 AM "Just wanted to thank you for quickly responding to our need for a professional home inspection.  Your flexibility and knowledge were invaluable to us. 
You helped us identify critical issues with the cottage that we need to get fixed, and helped us figure out ways to improve the energy efficiency, safety, comfort and quality of the home.  We especially appreciated the running commentary you provided as you ran through the inspection.  It was like being inside your head, benefiting from the years of experience you have had in building construction.  You are the best!" (Jay and Sue)


anacortes home inspection: How to Prepare Your Home for Winter - All Islands Home Inspections - 11/05/12 09:52 AM
htto://   Associated Content says, “The proper preparation of your home for the cold winter months [that] lie ahead can ensure that your heating bills will be lowered, your home will be protected from storm damage and potential worries will be dispatched. Preparing your home for the winter months should only take a day or two at most of your time, and the associated costs should be minimal if issues are addressed personally. While some preparatory [measures] do have a cost attached that cannot be avoided, it is foolish to overstep the boundaries of skill and common sense in the futile attempt … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Home Repairs Worth Tackling- All Islands Home Inspections - 11/05/12 09:50 AM  Yahoo’s Financially Fit page cautions, “In this economy, you may be tempted to delay or even skip minor home maintenance repairs, cleaning jobs and inspections in your home. But don't be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. That $200 or $300 you save today could result in expenditures of $3,000 or even tens of thousands next month or next year if hidden problems in your home go unnoticed and become worse. Consider coughing up a little dough to take care of these small jobs before they morph into gigantic, expensive jobs later.”

anacortes home inspection: Anacortes Home Inspection Customer Testimonial-All Islands Inspections - 10/31/12 02:21 AM  "Hi Tim,  I  have been meaning to thank you for your quick response to my Mom's need for a home inspection several weeks ago..   You worked us into your schedule and provided an easy-to-read inspection report within hours.   You answered all of our questions, raised other questions we had not thought of and your overall expertise and experience provided us confidence in proceeding with a house purchase.  Thank you!   We will not hesitate recommending  your home inspection expertise to family and friends!"

anacortes home inspection: Selecting the Proper Electrical Extension Cord - All Islands Inspects - 10/30/12 11:42 AM 
How to Select the Proper Electrical Extension Cord
With the winter holidays approaching, more of us will use more electrical extension cords than at any other time of the year. You've often used an extension cord around the home, but using the wrong type of cord can be dangerous. The U.S. Product Safety Commission found that extension cords are among the most dangerous electrical appliances in our homes because of improper usage. Each year, accidents from extension cords kill around 50 people, result in injuries requiring hospital treatment to 4,000 others and also cause over 3,000 residential fires. Electrical extension … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: 10 Mistakes People Make with Heat - Anacortes Home Inspections - 10/30/12 11:39 AM 
10 Mistakes People Make with Heat
Want a little straight talk on saving money and energy? Don't believe all you have heard about ways to improve efficiency and lower heating costs. Steve Graham, Networx, says, "Even with a constant flow of information about energy efficiency, homeowners make major heating mistakes that end in higher electric bills and larger environmental footprints." Here are 10 of those errors, with the cause and effect of each decision.

anacortes home inspection: Fun Facts! Northwest Washington Home Inspector - 10/30/12 11:37 AM 
FUN FACTS (that have nothing to do with a home inspection!) 
A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.
Toxic house plants poison more children than household chemicals.
A group of crows is called a murder.
Babies crawl an average of 200 meters (about 219 yards) a day.
Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, every time you breathe!

anacortes home inspection: Thanksgiving Day SAFETY TIPS! Anacortes & San Juans Home Inspections - 10/30/12 11:34 AM 
Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips
If you celebrate it, Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings friends and family together to share a good meal, conversation and laughter. But Thanksgiving also comes with several health hazards, including an increased chance of fires, food poisoning and choking. Take a few minutes to review these Thanksgiving Day safety tips by eHow contributor Melinda Dean, and enjoy the holiday without worry.

anacortes home inspection: Power & Gardening Tool Storage Tips - Anacortes Home Inspections - 10/30/12 11:29 AM 
Power and Gardening Tool Storage
As winter approaches, store lawn mowers and other summer power equipment. Drain gas tanks, disconnect spark plug wires, clean any grass, wood chips, etc. from housings, mower decks, chain guides and so forth. This is also a good time to perform repairs or maintenance. Change the oil and check and change air filters as needed. Move the equipment to a clean, dry place for storage. Always clean gardening tools before storage. Use a dry scrub brush to knock off any dirt or mud. For very dirty tools, a quick squirt with the hose should remove … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Defective Electrical Switches & Outlets- Anacortes Home Inspections - 10/30/12 11:25 AM 
How to Replace a Defective Electrical Switch or Outlet
With the winter holidays coming there will likely be additional loads and strains on your electrical system. Now would be a good time to inspect and/or replace defective electrical switches or outlets. Use caution! If you are not handy, ask someone else to do these things. Inspect for loose, corroded or shorted wiring by turning off the power to the device (at the circuit breaker/fuse box), removing the set screws for the cover switch/outlet and mounting bracket or box and carefully removing the device. Tighten any loose connections. If replacement is … (1 comments)

anacortes home inspection: With Affordability High, More Home Owners Supersize (Anacortes Homes) - 10/09/12 03:58 AM  Realtor Magazine says, "With housing prices at their cheapest levels in decades, some buyers are finding it a great time to trade in for that trophy home. Sales of larger homes have risen in many places in recent months. For example, KB Homes reports a 17 percent increase nationwide in the appetite for larger home sizes. In Sacramento, Calif., large-home sales have surged 24 percent with the average square foot rising to 2,100 in the second quarter compared to less than 1,700 square feet in 2010. "Low prices, low interest rates, and the marginally small cost of getting a bigger … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Smoke Detectors...Photoelectric, Ionization, or BOTH? - 10/09/12 03:56 AM
We were asked to consider the relative merits and safety of the two main types of smoke detectors: ionization or photoelectric. Some say that ionization smoke detectors are prone to so many false alarms that users turn them off and they are therefore not as safe as photoelectric detectors. Others argue that their very sensitivity to flaming fires is what makes ionization detectors desirable. We decided to ask the experts. We queried the U.S. Fire Administration, National Fire Protection Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Volunteer Fire Council, National Council on Radiation Protection and … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: EPA Winter Heating Safety - Anacortes Home Inspections (All Islands) - 10/09/12 03:53 AM
Generator exhaust is toxic. Always put generators outside well away from doors, windows and vents. Carbon monoxide (CO) is deadly, and it can build up quickly and linger for hours.  
Combustion appliances are those that burn fuels for warmth, cooking or decorative purposes. Typical fuels are gas-both natural and liquefied petroleum; kerosene; oil; coal; and wood. 
Examples of combustion appliances include space heaters, ranges, ovens, furnaces, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, water heaters and clothes dryers. These appliances are usually safe. However, under certain conditions, they can produce pollutants that can damage your health or even kill you. A properly installed, … (0 comments)

anacortes home inspection: Fireplace Tips for Winter! Anacortes Home Inspections (All Islands) - 10/09/12 03:50 AM
Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter!  Ahhhhh..... cooler days, chilly nights, fall foliage and warm fires; these are some of the joys of an approaching winter.  While you are getting your home ready for winter, don't forget about the fireplace. October is the perfect time to start prepping your fireplace for the cold weather. Whether it's wood-burning, gas or electric, has some tips to clean your fireplace and get it in tip-top shape before frosty temperatures hit.

anacortes home inspection: FUN FACTS! Anacortes Master Home Inspector Tim Hance - 09/07/12 06:37 AM  Fun Facts that have NOTHING to do with Home Inspections!  :)  Enjoy! 
·         A group of crows is called a murder.
·         About 40% of the oxygen you breathe goes to your brain.
·         Your brain operates on the about same amount of power as a 10-watt light bulb.
·         Routine traffic stops gone awry kill more bystanders each year than stray bullets.
·         Bison are surprisingly agile given their size and body structure. They can run up to 40 mph.
·         Bison injure more than three times as many people in Yellowstone National … (2 comments)

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