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It's sad to bid 2008 adieux; however, on some level I am definitely glad to see it go!  2009 is less than 48 hours away and before you try the recipes for Jello Shooters in this post, you should really focus on what you're going to do the first week of 2009!  I'm here to help, so here's a quick l...
As the holidays quickly descend on all of us, I am making a list of the last minute errands that I need to run before my family holiday begins, but what about the items that need to be taken care of before my business holiday begins?  Have you thought about that, and made an active plan?   Have y...
I didn't do anything special, I just offered to help an industry leader / professional that I have the utmost admiration for, at a time when I knew that TIME was something she didn't have.  I managed and organized the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce's annual Virtual Christmas Party this yea...
Well, the industy catch phrase for this past year might be "Real Estate hates 2008!"...but that's ok because this coming year it's going to be "Real Estate Will Do Fine in 2009!"  WHY?  Here's why: Everyone is wiser.  Everyone has seen what greed and excess obtained too easily has cost us as a na...
And all through the house,Not a creature is stirring, so I'll just use my mouse. I'll search through Active Rain,until it does appear,that elusive RE contact,that I've searched for all year. Will you be a referral,or a Realtor needing me,or will you be a seller looking to pay a steep fee? Whoever...
Meme: Seven Things You Didn't Know About Christine Wade What is a Meme? Mel Aclaro, a friend I met on Twitter tagged me...and now, because of have to learn more about me than you ever really wanted to know :-) The rules for these things are pretty simple in case you want to start your o...
DRUM ROLL PLEASE!   Tip #14 - Set Your Internet Goals for 2009How does that saying go?  We don't plan to fail, but we will if we fail to plan?  Something like that!  The Internet is such a huge part of the real estate industry now, that it's a huge oversite to not set specific goals pertaining to...
DRUM ROLL PLEASE! This is my 13th edition of my Tipsy Tuesday posts...that means that I have stuck with it for a quarter of a year!  I have done other blog posts of course, but I committed (in my own head anyway) to doing this tips and advice column / post for at least a year and I am a quarter o...
This post was inspired by a Google Blog Alert I received from another, non-real estate Virtual Assistant. Her blog post was strictly on showing your appreciation to your Virtual Assistant, and included paid gifts and such...and although I do not want my clients to go out and buy me gifts, that's ...
My blog is called "The 10 Hour VA" and I am often asked about it.  People think that I am limiting myself to saying that I will only work with clients for a maximum of 10 hours per month, which isn't true.  I will take clients, space permitting, for up to 25 hours per month.  But your name is sup...

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