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TIP: 5 Ways to Get More Readers to Your Blog As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, blogging, and how to make it more effective are one of the topics most often discussed with my clients.  Here are 5 Ways to Get More Readers to Your Blog: You've had this drilled into you since you were a little kid....
Hi, everyone...just a quick rant here this morning...I know I can't be the only one out there who has their contact form (which is meant for client and preclient contact) abused by spammers.  So I thought this would be a fun blog to see how many dumb things people hijack our contact forms for.  H...
  TIP:   3 Tips on How to Get Comments on Your Blog   As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, I am often asked about how to improve blog performance and how to get the readers to be interactive. Well, here are three tips to get you moving in the right direction: If you're just starting out and your b...
I am so excited...I have been waiting to unveil my new Real Estate Virtual Assistant site for quite some time now and I think that we finally have all the kinks out of it!!! I belong to a list of fabulous web designers who frequently post their work for site checks prior to launching their client...
TIP:   Sometimes you've just got to go old school.  I was reading another blog post today about how even with all the technology around us, it is hard to get organized and stay on task...perhaps that article should have said "because of it"???  If you're like most of us, you have at your fingerti...
Hey...some of you will remember a recent post where I was debating which phone to heart really wanted the iPhone, but I had to justify that my brain would be happy with it as well!  LOL  Well, today I bought slick!   Now that I've got it and it's charging, I have a question for...
TIP:   Sometimes you just have to cut back.  If you are like tons of real estate professionals out need to be very careful with your bank account right now!  There are several ways to do this:     Check your cell phone bill - Seriously.  Once most people get their cell service set up ...
Hello again, everyone.  I am back today with my 3rd video tutorial in my Gmail series that I have uploaded to YouTube.  This one teaches us how to create canned responses in text based email messages as well as how to create pretty html stationery, which could also be used as canned responses for...
TIP:   Some people can just write a world class blog post, feature worthy - if you're talking about your AR blog, by just sitting down at the keyboard and typing up the first thing that pops into their head.  That's not how "professional" blog posts should be written; however, it is how ideas for...

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