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I posted a comment about this situation on my real estate virtual assistant website also (under the News section)...we all have to protect our brands, any one of us could wind up in the same situation. This Northern Virginia real estate agent, Carolyn Capalbo, needs our help!Carolyn Capalbo Is A ...
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Series "Drowning Out Complacency" - Part Two Welcome to Part Two of my new Real Estate Virtual Assistant series, "Drowning Out Complacency"!  Before you continue on to reading today's post, perhaps you would like to go back and read: Real Estate Virtual Assistant Ser...
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Series "Drowning Out Complacency" - Part One As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, I deal with the behavioral patterns of many real estate agents.  Read the post that started this Real Estate Virtual Assistant Series "Drowning Out Complacency": Complacency: Is It Blind...
Let me tell you a story about my own complacency on a personal level to illustrate where I'm going: I live in Southern California, somewhat near to Camp Pendleton Marine Base (thank you to all in the military for all you do!!!).  We hear and feel their training / bombing / whatever you or they wa...
  Brad - I thought this was a great post, so I thought I would utilize the technique for my 10 comments today just for fun...because I am procrastinating on a job I don't want to do, and because I wanted to reach my 80,000 pt. goal today on my own before I get my points for the Tom Ferry contest....

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