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You heard me...15 seconds...hurry up...tell me what you do in 15 seconds!  I am thinking of selling my house...why should I choose you?  Hurry, tell've only got 15 seconds! This is called an elevator're in an elevator, just going up a floor or two and the guy next to you say...
“Get The Gist of Social Media Activity With Just One Site” I don’t know about the rest of you, but my computer is really getting sick of me having open all these tabs for Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, various different Twitter apps so that I can manage all of my accounts, etc…  And I am sick of the sc...
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Offers Up Holiday Advice on Client / Sphere Appreciation   Please don’t waste one of the biggest marketing opportunities out there, implement as many of my 12 “Ways” of Christmas as possible to see the maximum outcome and to get 2009 off to a great start!  Here we go...
  As founder of the National Association of Women Real Estate Agents, I am starting a series of live interviews with some of the most successful women in American real estate next week.  I already have my own list of questions that I want to ask, but I thought that I would check in and see what t...
This post will push me over the 100,000 points mark here on Active Rain...and I learned something really cool today, thanks to Lisa Udy, so I thought I would make this milestone post something that everyone could learn and benefit from too! I have been spending the better part of my day studying ...
I am very lucky to have some very loyal subscribers to one of my weekly newsletters... I purposely only built my list by the books, so that they would have to sign themselves up and then click the confirming link in the email that the system shoots back to them...just so I could not get accused o...
Hello, please check out this new article on my blog:  Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help You With Your Real Estate Blog   Here's an excerpt:   Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help You With Your Real Estate Blog…and you should definitely take advantage of the time savings that will...

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