virtual assistant: Inspiration... - 03/10/20 08:36 AM
I am out in my front yard this morning walking my old man dog around to do his business, he's been going through some rough days, and it's usually a sombering experience for me...but then I turned to the right and saw this amazing sight of  the sun rising over the water.  Breathtaking, right?
Suddenly my heart seemed a little lighter and I felt energized! I wanted to do good, I wanted to do good work...I was inspired.
Sometimes as human beings we get so bogged down in the daily muck that can sometimes become our lives, hopefully only short-term, that we just … (14 comments)

virtual assistant: What is your PLAN? - 03/09/20 02:13 PM
  I have been feeling this blog post brewing in my brain for days now; however, reading another ActiveRainer's post today  (thanks Wanda!☺) kicked me into gear to get it written!  When I commented on her post, I wrote, "...if you "fail to plan, you might as well plan on failing"!"  Nothing earth shattering, right?  We've all heard some rendition of that phrase over the years, right?
Have you seen the Pixar movie "UP" from 2009?  If not, Google / YouTube "Pixar's UP + Squirrel" to see several video clips where the dog gets distracted at all the good moments in hopeful pursuit … (2 comments)