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This morning I was reading John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing blog (by the way, this is an awesome blog if you want to get the early bird scoop on incredibly cool products.)  Case in point, he posted about the Jing Project, a free downloadable screen recorder from one of our favorite companies, T...
So...  On Sunday, the other agent said you could expect the inspection response from his clients to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.Now it's Tuesday 3 pm, and so far nothing.Technically, they're still within the time frame they mentioned (and their legal deadline doesn't run out until Wednesday).On t...
Want to make friendly with the search engines?If you're like a lot of agents, your website (yes, even your expensive custom designed website!) is losing valuable online traffic even as you're reading this.The good news is that if it's due to the common mistake we cover below, it's a relatively ea...
Have you ever made a referral that didn't turn into a paycheck? It might make you think, "Why go through the effort?" and just not bother in the future. When making referrals, most agents make the mistake of simply trying to find a highly qualified agent. But an agent's experience is only part of...

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