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Today, news came down that J.P. Morgan Chase, the disgraced Wall Street giant that had its collective fingerprints all over the mortgage and financial collapse of 2008, is set to pay a $12 billion settlement.  The payment is restitution, levied by the US Justice Department, for its illegal missp...
How much did you pay for the artwork in your home?  $50 for that cityscape print in your living room?  $29 for the Italian-inspired plaque with a wine glass and grapes in your kitchen?  Or even nothing, for the weird painting of clowns and monkeys your mother-in-law made for you, which you have p...
1781 – The first legitimate commercial bank is founded in America, introducing a new system of banknotes for exchange, government involvement, and decreased liability for bankers, spurning the modern mortgage.  Early 1800’s - Commercial, mutual savings, and property banks expand their role.  Eac...
Investing in a rental property can be one of the best long-term financial moves you ever make, but it’s not without a fair share of risk and hard work. They say most first-time landlords actually lose money, or at least get supremely frustrated, because of the 4 T’s. What are the 4 T’s?  They ar...
    1. iKettle controlled by smart phone. This stylish coffee maker not only brews a great cup of joe, but hooks up with your home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to access its controls via a smartphone mobile app. From there, you can schedule its use remotely, starting that water to boil so it will be re...
Did you know there's a special place, nestled in Northern California's foothills, close enough to the ocean but with enough sunshine and just the right temperatures to grow some of the best grapes and produce some of the best wine in the world?  No, were not talking about Napa Valley - it's all ...
  In the dark days of the United States Great Depression, banks had failed, the monetary system all but collapsed, and the real estate marketing was in shambles.  Home ownership was a rarity in those days to being with – by some estimates up to 70% of people rented.  But as people lost their jobs...


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