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Where Sacramento ranks for just about everything.   Our beloved Sacramento has a rare gift of polarizing opinions - people seem to either love it or hate it.  But how does The City of Trees rank against the rest of the country?  We dug through dozens of articles, polls, blogs, and reports to come...
    With all of our awareness, safety protocols, and modern technology, home fires are still a significant danger.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), firefighters still respond to about 374,000 residential fires every year in the U.S.  At that rate, we have a home fire...
Common neighbor disputes, part 1; Noise, pets, and water.   Robert Frost, the great American poet once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.”  While it probably wasn’t the most elegant thing he penned, it could be the most accurate.  Yes, we’ve all had run-ins with neighbors, those strangers wh...
    What does it cover?Homeowner's insurance covers a specific array of damage to your property.  These could a fire in your home, a windstorm blowing the roof off, or burglars breaking in.  It also covers property damage, additional living expenses, personal liability, and medical payments.  But...
    Owning rental property is one of the soundest investments you could make, to the extent that 90% of millionaires have income-producing property in their portfolio.  But making day-to-day decisions to manage those properties can be challenging if your not properly informed.  There is no greate...
    Early History   -Business cards originated in 15th century China, where they were known as visiting cards, which announced a person’s intention of formally meeting with someone else.   -These ancient business cards were made using woodcut and letterpress techniques and often very ornate, even...
  1.         Hide your garden hose in a nice pot. Unsightly garden hoses and spray nozzles can easily be coiled and stored inside of a big ceramic pot or planter.    2.         Reface your foundation. If you have a plain and boring concrete or stucco foundation, add faux or half bricks, tiles, or...
    Some people believe in ghosts and spirits that curse certain homes, spooking the occupants. Others think that the notion of haunted houses is nothing but a 365-day Halloween - irrational fear mixed with a healthy does of imagination. But what happens when these people are buying or selling a ...


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