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Land costs in Loudoun County can be really high.  Especially in the Ashburn area which is without question the most populated and sought after community in Loudoun. Here is a list of the communities in Ashburn that currently offer the most land... 1 acre lots Evergreen Reserve (currently the only...
I recently had the opportunity to work with a client who was re-locating from the west coast.  After a long conversation, the person requested that I provide them a map of every area that I have sold a home.  They wanted an agent who "specialized in Maryland, Fairfax County, Arlington County, Ale...
One of the most asked question during the short sale process is how long it will take.  We have all heard the horror stories of short sales taking over a year to be processed and shiver at the thought of waiting that long.  If you ask 100 people you will get... well, a lot of answers.  However, a...
I have a client who is strongly considering a short sale.  She is just a little shy of being able to sale the home as a regular sale... but obviously cannot.  I am wondering if anyone has seen a bank, possibly not even associated with the transaction, give an unsecured loan to cover the differenc...
Who Should Not Consider A Short Sale original post- linked above   It looks exciting.  It looks easy.  But skiing is not everyone.   The same would be true for buying a short sale. Though the market is full of short sales, there are few people that are cut out to purchase them.  In fact, most peo...
Every profession has its group of slackers that gives the rest of the group a bad rap...  After calling through a list of ACTIVE homes this morning to find that all of them already have contracts on them but still say ACTIVE (deceiving us in to thinking they are available), I decided to create th...
The Presidental Canidates On Capital Gains Tax- original post There are many issues that you will not hear addressed by the media or candidates during the debates. However,  after some basic research I found where the Presidential candidates stand on the capital gains tax.  Capital gains tax is a...
Let History Not Repeat Itself- original post This past week our country made history.  We saw one the largest decreases in stock value we have in years and our government signed a 700 Billion Dollar Bailout plan to keep our economy from sinking any further.  I spoke to many lenders, Realtors, and...
Loudoun County Absorption Rates- original post I was stunned today when I pulled Loudoun's Absorption Rates to find that the inventory has DROPPED AGAIN.  Not by much.... Only a .57 drop! Absorption Rate:  How many weeks it would take to sell off the remaining amount of homes in the market if the...
3 Reasons Why Right Now Is An Awesome Time To Buy- original post When is the best time to buy? You buy a car at the end of the year. You shop for clothes at the end of the season. And you buy a house when the market is down.   Here are 3 reasons why RIGHT NOW is an incredible time for first time ...

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