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A look on what's happening in and around Charlotte North Carolina, the hottest city in the South East. Reading and commenting on my blog has been known to cause hair to grow back, relationships to get mended, to increase your pay, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex.



New Orleans has Marti Gras, New York has New Years, and Charlotte has the NASCAR All-Star week.  While Charlotte plays host to many other events, nothing draws quite like the All-Star week for Charlotte.  If you've never been to a NASCAR race, the All-Star race at Lowes Motor Speedway on May 17 i...
Out today, the numbers for S&P's Case/Shiller survey for February, which examines home values in 20 housing markets.  While Miami and Las Vegas were at the bottom with 22.8% and 21.7% 1 year price decreases, Charlotte was the only city in the study with appreciation, even though it was a mere 1.5...
For the last six months, by far the number one request I have had from clients are those looking for homes in some sort of distress.  They are buying anyway and if they can snag a home below market value, why wouldn't they.  Unfortunately, searching for these types of properties is imprecise.  At...
My wife and I recently had a little boy and you wouldn't believe amount of formula we have received in the mail.  It's no wonder why this stuff costs so much money when they're giving most of it away in samples.  If you haven't seen them, they come in 13oz containers which makes 94 fl oz.  At fir...
I've known real estate agents to show clients over a hundred homes only realize that the first house they saw was the one their client liked best.  You don't have to see 20, 50, or even a hundred homes to find that one perfect house for you if you start by first building a criteria of what you're...
Do you have a domain name for your website that works for you?  I would say that most have a website and with that site, you were probably sold a domain name.  If not, head on over to site like Godaddy and purchase a domain name after reading this so you won't be wasting your money.  If that doma...
For the last five years, I've driven around 20,000 each year in town for business.  That means that I'm spending around $3,000 a year for fuel for just myself and that doesn't include maintenance.  At the beginning of the year, I swapped cars with my wife, giving her my Dodge Durango and I took b...
So today, while home with the baby, I watched the latest episode of The Office from last night.  On the show, an issue they dealt with was their company website, Dunder Mifflin Infinity, had a social networking portion that had been taken over by pedifiles.  At one point, the boss Michael Scott s...
The call it a smart road or the road of the future.  I call it a scary waste of money.  In 2003, London England instituted the first congestion charge, which is a fee for driving a non-hybrid / electric car into certain parts of the city.  The fee is approximately $16 a day but it varies based on...
Non-disclosure is the number one reason by a wide margin why agents are sued and/or lose their license.  Whether they are trying to make a sale or just plain incompetent, all too often agents are selling homes without having all the facts or their clients best interest at heart.  One of the most ...

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