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Here are some firsts, facts and trivia about Arizona.  This was a great update from when we learned it in school.    Enjoy! State Colors - Blue and Gold State Song – “Arizona” State official neck wear – The bola tie State Tree – Palo Verde (AKA… Green Stick) State Flower – Saguaro Cactus Bloom St...
When families move, whether just down the street or to a new community, children all ask the same questions: Will there be any kids my age at our new house?  What will they be like? Will they like me? Will I have any friends? Here are a few tips to help your child through that tough time of being...
  Sometimes when homeowners are busy remodeling and choosing the perfect tile, the fact that they need a permit is swept to the way side.   Commonly forgotten permits can certainly rare their ugly heads when it come to selling the home.   Why risk losing a sale due to local requirements not being...
The overall look of your home including the roofs pitch and shape is important.  What is just as important is what is ON your roof.  Roofing materials can attribute to your homes character but it can also dictate how long your roof will last.  When purchasing a home it is important to have the ro...
My team leader found a old plaque that had these words on it.  I thought I would share them....   The winner - is always part of the answer The loser - is always part of the problem The winner - always has a program The loser - always has an exuse The winner - says "Let me do it for you" The lose...
Do you have clutter on your desk, in your mind, in your life?  Here are some ideas for making a fresh start to “de” cluttering today: Why be organized?  It saves time & money.   It reduces stress.  However; if you can find what you need when you need it, you are organized. Do you have lots of pil...
This house was built in 1924 and has tons of character. Offered at $399,001.  Very well done remodel in 2008.  This home boasts 3 bedrooms + library/study.  2 master suites - (potential 4th bedroom). More details include   Granite counters, stainless steel appliances. There is a formal dining roo...
Summer is a great time of year to go outside. Impress your neighbors with your homegrown fruits and vegetables. This is the time to show off your green thumb and spend time in your garden. Summer is time to plant beans, squash, melons, cucumbers, and corn to add to your garden décor.  You can als...
Chocolate Glossary Unsweetened Chocolate: It is also called baking, plain or bitter chocolate. Since no sugar has been added to the chocolate it has a strong, bitter taste that is used in cooking and baking but is never eaten out of hand. Bittersweet Chocolate: Still dark, but a little sweeter th...

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