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As the New Year approaches, I have to say that I am excited.  It will be good to begin the year without the unrealiestic expectations that we had entering into the past couple of years.  The thought that we just had to have a Real Estate Sales Agent license meant that we were in line for a lot of...
I know that I have blogged about goals before, but we are still working out our goals.  Trying to get them nailed down.  I know that the way to go about it is to set long term goals then fill in the steps of reaching those goals with short term and intermediate goals.  I guess that my biggest con...
I have been away for a few days.  We travelled to see my inlaws the weekend before Christmas then on Christmas Eve, we travelled to spend it and Christmas with my family.  It was a great time, even though the two families live in complete opposite directions.  We travelled to se my inlaws in Sout...
Reading yesterday of another sports scandal as up to 25 members of a college football team won't be eligible to play in a bowl game because they cheated to get good enough grades to be eligible to play football.  This, on top of what has gone on in baseball with the steroids along with the videot...
As a baseball fan I was saddened by the depth of player involvement in the entire steroid mess.  While some future Hall of Fame players have seen fit to use, albeit not admit to using, steroids, I hope that baseball can regain it's luster.  I understand the argument that steroids cannot make you ...
As I was winding down this evening with my family, we were watching TV.  As luck would have it, the inventor of the Dyson Vacuum was doing a commercial talking about his designs on his vacuum cleaners.  He talked about how they made 5000 prototypes of the machine before they were satisfied with t...
I was looking at some material to write about when I came across a quote by Stephen R. Covey of the 7 Habits fame.  I found it to really be what I needed today.  I have found myself making excuses a lot lately; it's the market, buyers just aren't ready to commit.  The list could go on and on.  I ...
I was just thinking about the Holidays, remembering the good times of my youth as well as the present.  I was touched by a thought of all of the people that get so depressed that they decide that they can't go on.  I was amazed at the statistics of just how many people come to that decision durin...
Does anyone out there keep a journal, diary, daybook or what ever you want to call them?  I don't mean one that you only keep your personal thoughts, and happenings, but one that you also keep track of your business activities?  It may sound corny, but I tried for a long time to keep a personal j...
I was just wondering what other people were doing for the Holidays.  Do you close down your office between Christmas and the New Year?  We have worked at an office that did just that, close down.  The current office where we work is open for that week, in fact, it will be open on the 26th.  That ...

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