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Here in Southern Utah we have a lot of farms and vacation homes that have water wells to supply the water for either the farm and the house or just the house.  We have had a rash of vandalizms that have been occurring in our area wherein people will drive to the well pump and cut the electrical w...
Occasionaly our box at the office gets something that is very useful.  Yesterday was such a day, we had from one of the local Mortgage Brokers offices.  It was a CD and a Brochure from Steve Harney   the Realtor and Trainer from New York.  While I have been a little too busy to get through the CD...
It's starting to warm back up.  I thought that we were supposed to be concerned with global warming!  It has been great March weather for most of this month.  I keep looking at the calendar to remind myself that it is May that is drawing to a close.  I am not making light of evironmental issues, ...
As we near the weekend, I wanted to take time to ponder and remember why it is that we have this Holiday Weekend.  Memorial Day was orginally set up to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for us, those that gave their lives in combat.                                          I want ...
I am not sure if Spring has actually arrived again, or if this is going to be another teaser weekend.  It is absolutely gorgeous right now.  This has happened several times in the past 5 weeks, 2 or 3 days of unbelievably beautiful Spring weather, followed by a couple of days of high wind, then e...
Darcy is on our local board of directors, she is in charge of the MLS.  Part of her assignment is to "clean up"  the mistakes and clear out the old no longer existing listings on the MLS.  She found the task daunting enough that she has asked several Realtors from several different Brokerages to ...
It looks like a busy weekend here in Cedar City.  The Iron County Search and Rescue Team is hosting their annual fund raising carnival here on North Main Street.  This is a good opportunity to support those who will go out and search for you should you get lost in Iron County.  Just sort of kiddi...
I know that I have blogged several times about what is available in Cedar City.  I have had the great opportunity to preview several homes in the past few days, and let me say, there is a good variety!  If you're looking for something away from town with some acreage and some great views, we have...
I just re read The Champion Real Estate Agent by Dirk Zeller.  It is a great book, I highly recommend it to new agents and experienced agents alike.  It goes into much more depth than the Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies book that is also written by Mr. Zeller. I really liked his time m...
It is amazing how simple and basic parts of this business can be!  Darcy and I were able to get two really good listings from a past client, now a friend.  Just by doing simple things, like caring enough to follow up when the husband was in the hospital, or making sure to email once in awhile.  T...

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