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I was up late again thinking about ways to make properties stand out, especially in this market with high inventory levels.  We all know the impact of the Internet on home sales and especially the exposure that homes get from buyers.  The internet has caused some progress in the way that we do bu...
Well it's the last big weekend of the summer.  How many of you are travelling?  Ok, How many are planning on working?  It should be a great weekend to do both.  We are staying home and doing a little work.  The long weekends in an area like ours is usually a good opportunity to come into contact ...
Earlier tonight I was catching up on the Sports scores on, I found this story about a 9 year old pitcher that was banned from pitching because he is too good.  How ridiculous is that!  The league reported told the boy and his coach that he could play anywhere that he wanted except pitche...
I can't believe that with this blog, we will go over the 100,000 point level.  It just doesn't seem like it is possible!  We usually spend more time reading the great blogs that other people post!  We just marvel at the talent and wisdom that is found in the blogs that everyone posts!  We have le...
Working a lull in floor time trying to catch up on my local blog.  The Great American Stampede will take place in Cedar City Sept 4th through 6th.  There will be a horse parade, including the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, as well as music from local bands, cowboy poetry and two nights of Rodeo!  ...
Well it is that time of year again.  It is time for most Counties and States to have their fairs.  What was originally based on the agriculture of the area has evolved into carnivals, booths and contest.  They are also a great way to showcase the artistic talent, cooking and food perserving talen...
I just finished reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller with Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan.  I found it very informational.  In fact I read the entire book in 4 sittings.  I plan to re-read it soon.  I am not a Keller Williams agent, but I found his enthusiasm and ideas very appeal...
 I usually browse the MSN homepage on my way to check the scores and see what Brittany has done today.  This one caught my attention: "College administrators believe that lowering the drinking age would teach the kids moderation and lessen the chance of the "binge" drinking that is prevalent on m...
At our monthly board luncheon this afternoon a new President Elect, Treasurer and 3 members of the Board of Directors were chosen.  Our New President Elect is Chris Dahlin, continuing as Treasurer is Heather Roundy, also continuing as a director is Darcy Cannon.  Kay Carter and Heather Richman we...
Thursday the day that parents look forward to and causes children dread.  It's the first day of school!  Why Thursday is the first day of school, I don't know.  I would have started on a Monday, but that's just me. Those with much higher degrees than I have decided to start on Thursday, so that i...

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